A man in Zhejiang was eventually seized illegal transfer of property shall be investigated for criminal responsibility – Beijing Beijing in November 14 Ningbo Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Wei Xi Shi Shanshan) has been seized by law of property, in accordance with the law not to dispose of, or they will be subject to criminal liabilities. 14 days, reporters from Zhejiang city of Cixi province people’s court was informed that the Cixi City Zhangqi Town, a man who refuses to fulfill the judgment of the court, and the Court seized property transfer, the man was eventually transferred to the public security organs according to law. Pan is a town of Cixi City, a metal parts factory owner. Previously, he was due to Zhang loan 1 million 200 thousand yuan overdue, Zhang sued to Cixi court. After mediation, the two sides reached a phased implementation of the agreement, but pan and its operating hardware accessories factory has yet to fulfill the obligations of repayment in accordance with the mediation agreement. March 3rd this year, the court on the case of private lending disputes filing. On 7 may, the court issued a notice of execution and report to the property to the person subjected to execution and management of the Panmou hardware accessories factory, ordered to perform its obligations and report the property of mediation determined. However, Panmou remained unmoved. In the implementation process, according to the law of the Court seized hardware fittings factory machines and equipment, and inform the Panmou should take good care of the property seized, during which appeared to be free to move, damage, sale and other valuable equipment damage behavior, otherwise it will bear relevant legal responsibilities. However, in the evaluation process is completed according to the law to the seizure of equipment, the court staff found that part of the equipment factory has been transferred to judicial auction Panmou, unable to carry out the interests of creditors, Zhang so severely damaged. At present, because of ignoring the court ruled that the pan, malicious transfer was seized property, suspected of illegal disposal of the seizure, seizure, freezing of property crime, has been transferred to the public security organs for investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: