Three Xi’an County motor vehicle tail number limit behavior ten full time newspaper news (reporter Yang Chao intern reporter Zhang Qingyue) yesterday, Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency department issued a notice to announce ban motor vehicle limit line, Xi’an police also issued a reminder on the official micro-blog, hope that the people of the city together, started the "blue sky to defend Xi’an this winter war". A motor vehicle, no limit line management not only in relation to haze pollution reduction effect, but also related to every citizen’s physical and mental health, is the quality of the construction of Xi’an, the whole society should strive to create a good atmosphere of pollution reducing haze "everyone involved and everyone to everyone,". Two, in the implementation of the new traffic management measures, there will be a process of education, advocacy, guidance. The implementation of the ban limit line management, we will be in accordance with the law in accordance with the regulations, the gradual implementation of the requirements, strict law enforcement. Three, reduce haze pollution is different from the slow blocking Paul Chang, is the city’s overall work. The city’s administrative region refers to the ten districts of the three counties, the ban on the line refers to the full time. Four, we encourage and advocate everyone bus travel, green travel. Haze pollution reduction work needs the people to work together, let us work together to build, cohabitation, sharing, joint Xi’an this winter "blue sky to defend the war started". Xi’an vehicle limited number 5 at the end of today and the 0 ban on the road for the extended reading note: video Xi’an heavy pollution warning to three vehicles or will be limited?相关的主题文章: