Jewelry-Diamonds Every woman has her own ideas of what constitutes the "perfect" ring. Each woman is different though, it depends on skin tone and personal style. White Gold is really popular right now, as is Platinum, although many people shy away from the Platinum due to not only the initial cost, but upkeep and cost of resizing. A new metal that is becoming more popular for women is Titanium. It has been growing in popularity for Mens bands for years but we are starting to see it in Engagement settings now! More and more couples are opting for more unique engagement rings over the more traditional types. The advantages of this are that they have the ability to stand out while not being found in most jewelry shops. Locating a unique engagement ring is not that difficult today, and the possibilities are limitless. Below we list just a few of these. Round diamonds are the most popular cut in terms of engagement ring diamonds. They are also easiest to upgrade and sell because of the volume of sales. Princess comes in a close second after round but lately Radiant, Cushion and Asscher cut diamonds become pretty popular after Princess cuts. If this is a surprise, I suggest talking to the best friend or a close family member of your future fiance’. They may already have the answer you seek. Princess cut diamonds tend to look larger than rounds if they are cut proportionally. So most popular sizes are between 0.75 to 1.00ct. I strongly suggest doing your homework before starting to shop for a diamond. There are a lot more aspects to a diamond buying that just the usual 4Cs. Instead of going for the colorless diamonds that most women of today wear, why not opt for a colored diamond engagement ring? Some really wonderful natural colors can include the stones on yellow diamond engagement rings as well as the more pricey pink colored diamond rings. Most people differ in their ideas of how the stones on their ring should be set out. Some may prefer one large center stone, while others may want side stones. Others still may prefer gemstones such as sapphires with their diamonds. Some ladies prefer the minimalist diamond engagement rings as they are not the type of person to go flashing their stones around in public. This doesnt mean these rings are any less classy than all the others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: