Vision China sold 49% subway mobile TV advertising business of Sina Technology News September 14th evening news, Vision China (Nasdaq:VISN) today announced that the Vision China group has completed the sale of shares traded shares to Lehman as the new culture 49%. Lehman shares announced in August 22nd this year, plans to 382 million 200 thousand yuan acquisition of Vision China group holds a stake in China’s new culture, as of the 49%. According to the plan, the Vision China will be 321 million 200 thousand yuan 382 million 200 thousand yuan equity transfer the payments for the purchase of the entire company’s controlling shareholder, actual controller of Lee diffuse iron by agreement the way the bulk of transactions in direct and indirect holdings of shares in the company. The essence of this transaction is Lehman shares to 61 million yuan in cash +3.21 billion shares, China made a new culture of a stake of up to 49%. Li Limin, chairman of the board of directors of Vision China and CEO, said: "for Vision China, the sale of mobile TV advertising business is an important strategic step. We are open to the sale of the remaining 51% stake in China’s new culture as the future." After the completion of the transaction, Vision China will receive 61 million yuan in cash, as well as Lehman shares of $321 million 200 thousand. By then, Vision China will hold 4.88% stake in Lehman shares. Vision China shares held by Lehman’s lock up period ended May 31, 2019. In the 12 months after the end of the lock up period, Vision China may not sell or transfer more than 75% of the shares held by lehman. (Li Ming)相关的主题文章: