TCM classic "Yellow Emperor" in put forward the important relationship between diet and life long. It tells the story in the daily life, how to pay attention to diet and diet taboo, and according to the needs of the body, proper diet nourishing, to ensure the health, improve the ability to achieve the purpose of life The new supersedes the old..

five bogey

Five kinds of

has been appropriate, but also avoid, so "five pin · five flavor" cloud: "no heart disease liver disease Essien, no salt, no spleen acid nephropathy, no sweet, no bitter lung disease." Depending on the specific condition, the food is not the same taboo. Such as "belly theory" said: "the heat elimination, not sorghum, grass and stone." That heat, diabetes (i.e. diabetes mellitus) patients, can not eat fatness greasy food, also cannot use aromatic and stone medications, or exacerbate heat and thirst.

experts say, in daily life, with Feiganhouwei, greasy for many, the momentary mouth happy, leading to many diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, it must be emphasized that a reasonable diet, known as meat, complementary advantages, nutrition, in order to ensure the growth and development of human health and longevity.

five profit and loss


of Cornus

can receive can sour astringent, Cornus as its representative. The food acid, make the airway occlusion, small shrinkage, high muscle spasms, acid retention in the middle and lower two coke gas, not up and down, ill acid distension pain.



is so salty salty fluid consumption, dipsesis. Light salty taste can promote kidney yang evaporation of body fluid, so called "salt into the kidney, kidney soup can be a little salt to taste salty, kidney drugs like also should be made of salt eucommia. Too salty to make blood thick astringent, and the "heart of the main blood", so the heart is not salty astringent blood.


of Ephedra

leek, garlic, onions, good leave coke, smoked in the lung, so called "Xin lung go"; of Guangxi, ginger, ephedra Zeshan combined Qi Xin, walking skin meridians, the fever, sweating, red lips and I see out, "Xin vapidity". Is eating too much hot gas, the gas;