The shop owner in the noodle soup add poppy jailed for 8 months for 1 and a half years – Beijing Yanshan County in the long-term business breakfast shop Wang, due to the recent add poppy in early rice soup was arrested. The afternoon of September 28th, Wang was Yanshan County Court in the production and sale of poisonous and harmful food crimes, sentenced to imprisonment for 8 months, and fined 6000 yuan. The court also declared a ban: ban Wang engaged in diet, food processing and sales business of six months a year. Pharaoh in Yanshan County Business snack shop to sell to customers, vermicelli, noodles and other food, breakfast roll. In February this year, the people said to join in the production of poppy soup when stewed together, can improve the aroma and flavor of the soup. In order to attract customers, Wang bought 500 grams of poppy, and since February 24th, has three times to join the boiled bone soup. In March 17th, the market supervision and management department to check in to the Lao Wang snack shop, found that the processing of food containing harmful substances, and the scene extraction of bone soup for inspection, test results showed that containing papaverine, morphine, codeine, Tibane, noscapine soup in poisonous components. Ordered the case transferred to public security organs for investigation of criminal cases. The afternoon of September 28th, after the trial, Wang pleaded guilty in court after the verdict, the court said they did not appeal. (Yunnan Information Daily reporter Cao Honglei)相关的主题文章: