Sexuality A music video is to a hip hop artiste what a canvas is to a painter. Music videos are indispensable to hip hop musicians. They have been around for very many years but didnt enjoy as much prominence as they do now. Music videos were used for promoting songs or music tours before MTV and BET arrived. When these TV channels debuted in the early 80s they rewrote the future of the music video. MTV, BET and other entertainment channels pioneered a format revolving around music videos. For the first time viewers could watch music videos back to back. Musicians took notice of the emerging trend and began ramping up the quality of music videos they made. Ever since music videos took centerstage hip hop artistes have spared no effort in a bid to produce smashing videos. In fact, many hip hop critics aver that music videos have be.e more important to musicians than their vocal talents. To succeed in the modern hip hop industry musicians need good quality music videos to ac.pany their songs. The videos must be captivating to the audience so as to help bolster the image of the musician. You will always see gorgeous rap video vixens dancing in hip hop videos. These rap video vixens are there to make the video more appealing particularly to male fans and who naturally have a fascination for beautiful women. Nowadays we even have professional rap video vixens who make a living from performing in music videos. There are many approaches to making music videos. For example, a musician can use animations or film the video at a live concert. Hip hop videos tend to depict the message in the song but not always. A section of society hasnt been very happy with the way music videos seem to distort reality and they have several issues with them. First, they point critical fingers at the narcissistic display of opulence .mon in rap videos. Also bothered are conservative people who find the sexual content implied in music videos courtesy of the rap video vixens gyrations offending. Another thing that bothers some people is the depiction of aggression and machismo .mon in rap videos. They claim that young people are misled into thinking that its cool to be aggressive. Despite criticism from some quarters music videos remain very potent. A newbie musician can gain quick prominence thanks to a great music video. Videos also shape peoples perception of a musician and if cleverly used they can help to win over hordes of new fans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: