Tang Yixin and his "MV" line like girls travel decorated Sina entertainment news Yixin Tang [micro-blog] song "and their own travel" launched yesterday, voice sweet appearance, clear sweet people’s visual and auditory double harvest. The "and their travel," MV is also open to the public. "MV" and their own travel before a change "orange" miss the real style, adding a lot of animation and three-dimensional animation combined with real people, real and full of fun. Tang Yixin is a little girl caught in a crush on MV, because of a "deliberate" encounter, and crush the actor exchange diary every day immersed in the joy of the world, imagine and love the people together. In MV, Tang Yixin also the embodiment of the "easy bear" for people who love silly behavior seems timely assistance, sweet and lovely. In the crush of people, in fact, every day meet, is in the heart after long deliberation, only have the courage to love their own people to the first step, is carefully planned to meet you, this is the careful machine belongs to the girls’". Only those who have experienced the secret love, only to know the pain and sweet, this is a journey and their own journey.相关的主题文章: