Shi Taifeng in Taizhou Huangqiao old research: poverty padded short board – Jiangsu windows — original title: soon filled the old poverty short board in the third national poverty day "is approaching, September 29th, governor Shi Taifeng went to Taizhou Huangqiao old old research development and poverty alleviation and development work. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial Party Committee on poverty alleviation and development work, in accordance with "a lot, one does not fall, the old liberated areas as an important task of helping the province’s new round of poverty alleviation and development work, the full implementation of the supporting policies and measures to increase poverty of low income farmers focus on cohesion, strengthen the weak economy the village development ability, work diligently, pioneering and innovative, the early revolutionary filled this short board, let old people into a well-off society in an all-round way. How to progress in poverty alleviation and development of Huangqiao old liberated areas, Shi Taifeng has been very worried about. He first came to three years ago in a village of Weng village, see the ditch had been converted into a culvert, sewage discharged into the underground pipe network, Shi Taifeng is very happy, doing a good job in construction and management of rural infrastructure, for the masses to create excellent village environment. Qi village play natural advantages, vigorously develop rural tourism, three last year on revenue of about 500000 yuan, Shi Taifeng told the local to the optimization and upgrading of rural tourism products, allowing visitors to extend the residence time, pull the consumer. Shi Taifeng also visited the Shuangqiao Village Huangqiao Economic Development Zone, Huangqiao village cooperatives, labor income of whole town to promote the standard construction projects, he listened, from time to time to ask the project details, requirements of the old local industrial development, should work the workers, suitable for farming, and enhance the collective economic development capacity. Shi Taifeng also visited condolences to a number of low-income farmers, asked the source of income, look at the living conditions, a careful look at the help manual, a detailed understanding of the measures are in place to help. Shi Taifeng stressed that to adhere to the home to the people of the party’s policy of helping precision, sunshine to every body of low income households. In the investigation, Shi Taifeng held a forum to listen to the old liberated areas of poverty alleviation and development progress report. He pointed out that to seize Huangqiao, Maoshan old liberated areas in our province into a new round of poverty alleviation and development focus on helping the range of opportunities, make concerted efforts to fight poverty battle. To focus on low-income population income poverty, employment, production by supporting the development of medical education assistance, to explore and improve the system of asset return fallback etc., to do a good job of low income farmers, especially the old army, the old party household income poverty work. To effectively enhance the weak economy village development ability, because the village facilities strategy to promote the steady development of village collective economy strong village to drive people. The full implementation of various policy measures to help the old, creative ideas and approaches to promote the implementation of the policy, so that the maximum effect of the policy. The old fully stimulate endogenous power, increase the provincial support, to mobilize all social forces to work together to help the formation of. Shi Taifeng stressed that poverty alleviation is a popular project, not fake, to effectively change the style of work, the performance of their duties, take the initiative to play, to get rid of poverty this major livelihood is done well. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Yang Yue, Secretary General of the provincial government to participate in the investigation of Wang Qi. (Chen Yuefei) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: