Web-Design John is an ex-marine and ex-employee of general motors. He recently lost his job working as a welder on the assembly lines of one of GM manufacturing plants. John has traveled a lot and knows a lot about many things. But he was now having very difficult time finding a job to support himself and his wife who also lost her job recently. Jonathan and his wife then started selling their own knitting and sewing eBooks online. For that John bought web hosting and domain name and set up a website using free open source content management system WordPress. He installed many plugins, added twitter and facebook buttons, posted his pictures while serving in Iraq. His wife wrote e-books and newsletter and together they worked very hard to run their home based business. But unfortunately they were not doing well enough to support themselves. On the other hand Tom an out of job, self taught plumber also started his own online consultancy service. Tom provided consultancy about how to plan basic plumbing and fix major plumbing problems. Good for Tom, he realized that he need to hire someone to help him set up a website. So he talked to a web design and custom logo design .pany to help him set up his small online business for a very affordable cost. Even though Tom didn’t be.e a millionaire, but he managed to run a sustainable business which supported the costs of operation as well as Tom’s living expenses. The difference between the two is that when people visited John’s website they learnt that John has designed his own website even though he didn’t have any knowledge of web design. John and his wife knew how to knit and sew and they were quite experts in this field but just because they didn’t have a professional web design their visitors thought they are not serious about what they are doing. On the other hand, Tom hired a professional web designer who made his website user friendly, accessible and attractive. When people landed on Tom’s website they knew that they are looking at someone who knows about plumbing and is very professional in his work. Both, Tom and John was hardworking American affected by historic economic crisis. Both were good in their services and products but one failed only because they wanted to save a couple of hundred dollars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: