To protect the rights and interests of the elderly in Heilongjiang Views: the old man or refuse neet "Heilongjiang province elderly Protection Ordinance" to solicit public opinions for children are not often at home, or community pension institutions can urge the rejected children neet is home care, or go to nursing homes, the elderly have the right to choose the way of pension; home buyers, but also to give priority to the needs of the elderly…… Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial government legislative affairs office, the province will introduce the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly in Heilongjiang Ordinance, with immediate public comment. Living life of the elderly, not less than the average level of family members of the "Regulations" provisions of the draft manuscript, the elderly pension based on the home, the elderly have the right to choose the other way of pension. The employee shall perform the obligations of providing financial support and spiritual comfort to the elderly, and shall not be subject to the wishes of the elderly to separate the elderly from their spouses. The spouse of the spouse shall assist the maintenance person to perform the duty of support. The guardian shall protect the basic living needs of the elderly, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and so on. In the case of an elderly person who has difficulty in economic life and lives apart from the support, the maintenance person shall pay the maintenance fee on a regular basis and provide the necessary articles for daily life, so as to ensure that the living standard of the elderly is not lower than the average level of the family members. Housing for home buyers housing priority to meet the needs of the elderly dependents should make proper arrangements for the elderly housing, not forcing the elderly living in poor housing conditions or moved. The elderly have their own or rented housing, children or other relatives shall not be occupied, shall not be forced to deceive the elderly mortgage, property rights or lease changes. Elderly people and children or other relatives to purchase, build houses, should give priority to meet the housing needs of the elderly. Purchase, demolition, renovation of housing with the share of the elderly, the elderly have the right to enjoy the right to live in accordance with the law. If the elderly do not agree to continue to live in their own homes and other relatives of the elderly living in the housing, the elderly should move out of the house and the other relatives. Comfort children do not often at home, the community can supervise the family members shall respect the old people’s way of life, the elderly to meet the reasonable needs of spiritual and cultural life, should not be ignored, neglected elderly, impede the elderly people to participate in healthy social activities. Members of the family who live apart from the elderly, should visit or telephone, network, letters and other ways of caring, greeting the elderly. For a long time not to visit the elderly, the elderly see proposed requirements of the village (neighborhood) committees (community), the elderly original work units or pension institutions can help contact and urge their family members to visit. The employer shall guarantee the right of the dependents to visit relatives in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state. Encourage employers to provide conditions for the elderly to visit the elderly in the elderly, the elderly and the elderly living in hospital. Personal property of the elderly themselves to the money, the right to refuse their children to eat old elderly people’s personal property, according to the law enjoy possession, use, income and disposition rights. Independent living ability)相关的主题文章: