One world one mother Hai Qing "farewell" Royal mother _27 > > upgrade separation;; > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "farewell" entertainment Tencent directed by Wang Jun, Huang Lei, Hai Qing, starring Zifeng Zhhang, TFboys starred in the urban family big emotional drama "small separation" in Beijing satellite tv. Since the launch date of the netizen said Hai Qing’s mother lives close to their mother, and with the development of the story, Hai Qing whether in strict education or degree are more in line with the audience. The "mother" of the definition in mind, "one world one mother" was also push on the hot topic. Hai Qing’s "mother" sustained high-energy home event led the tears collapse Hai Qing as "separation" in a very strict mother, in the initial broadcast because of the sharp language "words" wind, sparked all young audience collective memories. Recently, with the senior high school entrance examination time is approaching, played by Hai Qing Tong Wenjie to show more side, once triggered because of a severe dispute home daughter blossoming incident, Hai Qing anxious, nervous, love is to show most incisive. A daughter in her home, crying to Huang Lei scenes so many viewers as tears, more people said were too naive, not Hai Qing’s mother, said the mother can do so is already very restrained. Tong Wenjie in this episode to show the soft side of the mother’s stamp in the hearts of many people, the mother is usually severe, but in fact it is a knife mouth tofu heart. Hai Qing’s treatment in this section gives the role more vulnerable and emotional. As a result, the three-dimensional figures from the other side to show the "one world one mother" is more soft and harsh side, there are a lot of friends said that after reading more understanding of his mother. To listen to the mother of the future son-in-law is not assured "separation" to watch most of the audience, may give children Wenjie put up a super strict mother label, while the actual Shanghai Qing giving her a lovely lies in a subtle contrast. Mother seems to grasp the reins of people at home, it seems that all decisions are made to her, however in the process of development of the story, you will find that in persuading Huang Lei the child dad, Tong Wenjie is not stubborn. She will look at the issue from her own point of view, but at the same time, she can also go out of their own perspective. This is the lovable children Wenjie, is also a common mother, they always fooling soft hearted, actually, most of the will for the sake of the child’s mother. In addition, between Zifeng Zhhang and blossoming upperclassman TFboys hazy feeling makes the Royal mother feel worry, sparked by a dispute triggered also allows users to sweat. Fortunately, the mother and the seniors rush wars with a happy ending ending, the understanding between the two parties also let Hai Qing really relieved.相关的主题文章: