Men will be boys hit into fracture escape after the arrest of pengci said that the original title: sudden change into the boy after fracture to escape from her mother online posting "wanted" driver monitoring to record the scene. A man in Zhenjiang Chen, downtown car suddenly change lanes, a 6 year old boy bumped into fracture but fled. 11, Zhenjiang Jingkou police department, after appearing in court, Chen, said when he fled the car, it is thought that he met pengci. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Zhong Ruiliang Wan Lingyun in November 8th, 5:36 in the evening, Zhenjiang Jingkou brigade received 110 orders: "Ms. Wang alarm, a license plate number for the Su LXT528 car, cars and electric vehicles in the vicinity of the escape town of Jiangshan street life insurance bumping, sent to the hospital, the injured child". After receiving the alarm, Jingkou Police Brigade accident Zhu Feng police rushed to the scene. But after the scene, found that in addition to the alarm Wang and electric cars, the scene without any valuable evidence. After understanding the incident, Wang driving electric cars, in the town of Jiangshan Street traveling from north to south from the intersection to the health of about 15 meters, suddenly a car traveling in the same direction as "Su LXT528" "TOYOTA" car right lane change, then hit her car. Ms. Wang said that after the crash occurred, with his six year old son leg pain. Since then, the car driver first got off to look at, but quickly fled the car. Then, the child’s mother and grandfather sent the child to the hospital for examination. Upon examination, Ms. Wang’s son leg fracture. 8:10 that evening, Ms. Wang in Zhenjiang folk popular forum, "tonight at about half past five, in the town of Jiangshan door street near the driver. Please go to" surrender "as the title of the post" wanted "and encouraged the traffic accident the driver to Jingkou brigade surrendered. 6 year old boy in the accident and the vehicle hit the leg fracture, but escape this irresponsible behavior, immediately caused netizens attention. Reporters noted that soon the net post to over a million hits, with a large number of users, have strongly condemned the behavior of the driver to escape the bad. The police told reporters, because the vehicle to escape, but the police according to the police who provide the number of queries, but the plate has not been used records found. Zhenjiang Jingkou brigade immediately organized a special police force access to the intersection monitoring, search the vehicle. Clear the vehicle number monitoring record for Su LTX582 Skoda car. 8 am, the police will control the owner Chen, and bring the vehicle back to the brigade investigation. After appearing in court, Chen first refused to admit the accident, but in front of the monitoring, 40 year old Chen had to explain the accident after. The police told reporters, Chen explained, the evening of 8 at 5:20 PM, their driving Su LTX582 Skoda car, in the town of Jiangshan Street traveling from north to south from the intersection of health about 15 meters when the red light intersection, there are three cars waiting in front. As Chen drove right, the intersection is a round screen lights, turn right from the signal limit, the original Lane in the straight Lane Chen suddenly changed to the right road from the non motorized vehicle driving the right winter intersection相关的主题文章: