Lang Ping walked into the Ya chat: best effort to unremitting self-improvement is the success of yesterday, Lang Ping came to the track and field Guangya middle school, received a warm welcome from the students, she also responded positively, and both sides of the five students. Information Times reporter Lu Mingjie photo Lang Ping came to the track and field Guangya middle school, was the scene of the students welcomed her warmly and students clap. Lang Ping and the women’s volleyball team players in the field of teaching and guiding the students of the basis of volleyball technology essentials of Xu Yunli and the team together with the players of the team and the team of women’s volleyball team and the players of the team. Information Times reporter Lu Mingjie photo information times (reporter correspondent Liang Jianmin Zhai Xi) yesterday morning, cheering in Guangdong Guangya middle school students’ enthusiasm, Lang Ping walked into the campus with ya ya, more than 3500 teachers and students launched the theme of "unremitting self-improvement, crown group Lun" meeting. Lang guide and players "Avatar 8 goddess" morning, Lang Ping arrived from another hour, Guangya outside the school has been packed, the Guangya middle school alumni together back to his alma mater, to see the presence of Lang Ping. Although the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, but excited all the teachers and students in advance to ya, a student with a self portrait portrait of Lang Ping came to the scene. Guangya experimental school students is with a stool, sitting in the football field to see live video ya. "Lang guide, Hello, Lang guide, I love you!……" 10 o’clock, with the warm cheers, Lang Ping with the Chinese women’s volleyball team members Xu Yunli and she walked into the meeting site, they incarnated goddess on the red carpet on the floor of the scene of the red carpet, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the red carpet. The students greeted Lang Ping and waved their heads. Lang walked side greeting students, very kind. Women’s volleyball girls teach skills in the event, Lang Ping led the two team taught 10 students based Guangya volleyball training action, including juggling, transfer service. Yuan Xinyue is a service to the students, the students from Xinjiang volleyball class team unafraid, once caught, the scene is a cheer. In the activity, Lang Ping also presented the teachers and students to Guangya commemorative autograph and volleyball. One hundred years to embrace the spirit of women event Guangya reporter learned that, in this year’s Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball final, the grade Guangya middle school student collective watched live, women’s volleyball girls in the game daring Ganpin spirit with every student. Guangdong Guangya middle school principal Ye Lilin said, "women’s fighting courageously fighting spirit has inspired us, encourage us." "A hundred years into the Guangya women’s volleyball team spirit, which is a powerful force, never stop fighting force, dare to challenge the first force; it is an integral part of the new period gyer spirit!" Ye Lilin said, the women’s volleyball team best spirit are exactly the most important thing for young people dream on the way. Share school get up at half past five at the beginning of six physical training teachers and students to share her with Lang Ping Guangya high school life. "Get up at half past five in the morning, start physical training at six, start class at eight. Three hours in the afternoon Outdoor Volleyball Training in the evening and evening study." Lang guide students to do a good job every day.相关的主题文章: