Jeremy Lin has the ability to lead the party? The nets can he expect today who in the Barclays center, the home court, an extremely brutal massacre, and the killer is to challenge the bull. At the final whistle, fixed in a score of 118 to 88, the nets defeat opponents 30 points, home court players after the game, one just saved the refugees, fleeing the stadium. In fact, early in the fourth half, the nets have no fighting, they were like a dead-alive person, not to attack the attack, keep not keep, not completely on a game with a bloody battle with the enemy in wartime oath to the last moment of momentum. In the face of the very bad performance, the home court nets fans don’t look down, they have turned up the support. In the fourth quarter after a bull attack, Wade through a wonderful crossovers and scored two points won the breakthrough, cheering fans. Ironically, when Wade stood on the line, many viewers shouted up "MVP", visible today nets to what extent the poor performance in the end. Only one game, the nets played fairly well, that is Jeremy Lin. In the face of the opponent’s offensive teammates low-spirited all-powerful and state, Jeremy Lin always use a person’s strength to help the continued life, the first quarter of 5 throw in 5 scored 11 points, and the team a total of only 20 points. Jeremy Lin does not have the color performance of light in the attack, is the best on the defensive end, in just 23 minutes of the time, Jeremy Lin was sent 4 steals. Even if the individual performance is good, in the face of defeat, Jeremy Lin is also very depressed, after the game, he said: "from the start of the lineup, I do not think we played any aggression and energy today. We need to adjust and play well. You know, it doesn’t matter whether you lose 30 points or just one point. "The whole game, the nets team three points hit rate of only 14.8% of the poor, the overall hit rate was 34.1%. Even if the opponent bulls had 18 turnovers, and the nets 85 shots than bulls, a more than 10 times, but the nets still did not grasp the opportunity. Prior to the outside world consistent look bad bull shot, but tonight the bull has cast the 39.1% impressive three hits, complete the nets defense riddled. The Nets coach Atkinson praised the rival bulls tonight’s performance in an interview: "the bull is a more aggressive ball, they have penetrated our defence. Each of us was too hesitant, and they took advantage of that to make a lot of confidence. For our young lads, this fiasco is a valuable experience." In November 3rd, the nets will continue to return home court against the pistons, when Jeremy Lin and his teammates can recover. Please pay attention to more exciting sports +APP相关的主题文章: