Hui ball technology be required to disclose to investigate the matter to avoid the formation of misleading Phoenix Financial News on August 25th in Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosure requirements Hui ball technology to investigate the matter to investors. The Shanghai Stock Exchange had issued a notice that Hui ball technology information disclosure management of major defects, suspected of leaking important information has not been disclosed, may mislead investors. On August 19th, the exchange said, if not long Hui ball technology to implement the rectification requirements, the implementation of other risk warning on the company’s stock, that is the necessity to "ST" process. On the road of standard governance and fair trust of listed companies, Hui ball science and Technology (600556, SH) seems to be getting more and more biased. Through the qualification of car business is suspended over the letter, did not implement the relevant regulatory requirements by the SSE start disciplinary procedures after the evening of August 18th, the SSE issued "on the implementation of the suspension of the bulletin" of Hui ball technology stocks, which exposed the announcement of Listed Companies in the stock it was leaked in advance, the upper contact is not all sorts of things. A suspected announcement leaked ahead of a listed company supervision (hereinafter referred to as the supervision department) pointed out in the report, August 17th after the close of business, through the information disclosure system to be released the announcement from the Ministry submitted. After the audit, a regulatory opinion, asked the company to verify whether the relevant matters involved in related transactions, whether or not to perform the decision-making process of the shareholders’ meeting. However, the company has not been amended according to regulatory requirements, and the announcement has not been released. However, the evening of 17, the main content of the aforementioned announcement appeared in the Eastern wealth network stock bar. After verification, the main announcement of the stock bar appears to be consistent with the material submitted by Hui ball technology through the aforementioned business system.

慧球科技被要求披露立案调查事项 避免对投资者形成误导 凤凰财经讯 8月25日上交所要求慧球科技披露立案调查事项。上交所此前发布通知称,慧球科技信息披露管理存在重大缺陷,涉嫌泄露尚未对外披露的重大信息,可能对投资者造成误导。8月19日,上交所表示,如果慧球科技长期不能落实整改要求,将研究对公司股票实施其他风险警示,即予以“ST”的处理的必要性。在上市公司规范治理、公平信披的道路上,慧球科技(600556,SH)似乎越走越偏。在信披直通车业务资格被暂停,未落实相关监管要求遭上证所启动纪律处分程序后,8月18日晚间,上证所发布《关于对慧球科技股票实施停牌的通报》,其中曝光了上市公司公告在股吧被提前泄露、董事长联系不上等种种异事。疑似买房公告提前泄露上市公司监管一部(以下简称监管一部)在通报中指出,8月17日收盘后,公司通过信息披露业务系统向本部提交拟对外发布的公告。经审核,监管一部提出意见,要求公司核实相关事项是否涉及关联交易,是否须履行股东大会决策程序。但公司未按监管要求进行修改,公告也未对外发布。然而,17日晚间,前述公告的主要内容在东方财富网股吧出现。经核实,股吧出现的公告主要内容与慧球科技通过前述业务系统提交的材料完全一致。相关的主题文章: