UnCategorized Paintball can be an addictive game. However, the equipment involved can make it an expensive hobby to pursue. It’s actually possible to learn how to build a paintball gun, and you can use it anywhere! The materials you need to make a paintball gun can be obtained from hardware stores. You will need to look for pressure-rated PVC pipes to avoid any nasty accidents when you use your new toy. It is necessary to use all new parts for this project as used pipes may not provide satisfactory results and can even be dangerous. The parts are: PVC end cap (1" diameter), PVC ball valve (0.75" diameter), PVC reducer (0.75" diameter), PVC nipple (0.75" diameter), tire valve, two PVC elbows (1" diameter), two PVC T’s (1" diameter), a length of PVC for the barrel (1" diameter), an equal length of PVC barrel (0.75" diameter). You will also need PVC cement, plumber’s tape and. Always prime a section with PVC primer before applying PVC cement. First, cut 2 foot-long sections from the inch-wide PVC pipe. If there are any threads on the sections, cover them with the plumber’s tape. Attach the 2 elbows to either end of one of the pipe sections with PVC cement, ensuring both are pointing the same way. Next, attach the 2 T’s to the second PVC pipe section at either end with PVC cement. Connect both PVC pipe sections to one another via the elbows and T’s, sealing the joints with PVC cement. This is why the elbows have to face the same direction. To form the external parts of the assembly, the PVC ball valve has to be attached onto the PVC nipple before the 0.75" diameter PVC barrel is screwed to the ball valve. This section is connected to one of the T-ends, nipple first, by way of the PVC reducer. The end cap is attached to the tire valve next by drilling a hole in the end cap wide enough to ac.modate the tire valve. Secure the attachment with a strong glue, ensuring there are no leaks. Attach a 1" wide pipe section (about 9" long) to the remaining T with an open end with PVC cement. Lastly, cement the end cap assembly to the open end of this PVC section with PVC cement. The entire paintball gun has to be left to dry for up to 2 days before it can be used. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: