recent national network hot word "test tube baby" more and more hot, and we understand the means of assisted reproduction has become increasingly clear. However, there are still some people do not know the test tube baby, and even stay in the test tube baby is a child from the test tube stage.

what is the test tube baby? Now people say, first, 2, 3, the 4 generation of test tube baby in the end what is the difference?

keep up with me and look down at

1. what is a test tube baby? What are the first, 2, 3, and 4 generation test tube babies?

first need to declare: test tube baby is not jumped out of the test tube, and is not in the test tube grew up children.

what is the test tube baby?

tongsudeshuo, IVF is the one that helps people conceive of medical technology: the doctor through the scientific method to remove the sperm and eggs, put them together to fertilization and zygote formation, and the fertilized eggs develop into an embryo in the laboratory, and then put into the embryo in the womb, OK.

first generation test tube baby

Name: in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer

English Name: IVF-ET

this is the most commonly used test tube baby. Although the name is very long, English who cannot read do not care, this is indeed the assisted reproductive technology, most of the domestic reproductive center can do, is currently the largest number of cycles, using the largest number of technology.

second generation test tube baby

Name: intracytoplasmic sperm injection

English Name: ICSI

second generation of test tube baby technology is definitely the gospel of male compatriots, its main feature is that you can put a single sperm into the egg cells in the cytoplasm, so that sperm egg fertilization. In simple terms, is greatly improved the fertilization link. If the sperm and eggs can not take the initiative to complete the fertilization, then doctors will have to use the 2 generation tube technology to help them a.

third generation test tube baby

Name: preimplantation genetic diagnosis

English Name: PGD

3 generation of test tube technology, before the doctor put the embryo into the uterus, with the 1 generation of technology and the technology of the 2 generation is the same. The 3 generation technology;