Fantasy summer together: special effects remarkable part of the advertising implanted stiff Beijing data figure: "-" poster. Provide artists in new network Beijing on 31 August, (reporter Li Meng) the day before, "-", "sky city", "Kyushu Qingyun Zhi" and other fantasy strong color of popular TV series being hit. Despite the high degree of concern, but still can not escape the fate of Beijing Tucao, (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter survey found that, in addition to some brand advertising stiff implantation sparked heated debate, the majority of people are accused of other strange hot eyes". With the adaptation of literary works boom coming, more and more classic IP is in the TV series, the movie jumped into the audience’s eyes. Recently, there is a novel by Guo Jingming "-", Xiao Ding’s "Zhu Xian" adaptation of the TV drama "city of fantasy", "Yun Zhi" has launched. According to public information, "nine sky" is the original works, but the theme is the basement of Tangque in the creation of the world series of works on Kyushu’s creation. According to Tangque said, "sky city" this project was originally included in film and television drama and game three. My novel for film, TV drama is the same under the background of the derivative story". Data figure: "-" effects before and after comparison. ("-" the official micro-blog IP screenshot) besides having a strong base, the three TV series also highlights a lot of their. Among them, by William Feng, Ma Tianyu, Victoria Song starred in the "city of fantasy", realistic effects have been widely acclaimed. The grand scene of ice and fire and ice world family, pure white forest, plants and other details, and true to life, Hantaikeju snow lion, has been praised. In this regard, William Feng said, after he had doubts about the domestic TV special effects production level, but at the time of the show some effects seen after they readily agreed to join the play. Ma Tianyu told reporters, "a piece of magic is still very beautiful, after all we are filming with green cloth". Data figure: "nine sky" stills. ("Nine" sky city administrative micro-blog screenshot) and "-" similar "requirements of Kyushu sky" fantasy background of late effects are also very high, in order to ensure the quality of the visual effects film, drama director Lu Beike began to prepare the preset effect at the beginning of the program from the project planning, and to a number of local real shooting drawn. In addition, Guan Xiaotong for the first time to challenge the costume drama starred in Yi Ling, acting recognized by users. For example you love my brother a puzzled when anger anger style is very cute, and cliff fall when panic expression and manner and is in place, especially the speech crying scene, Guan Xiaotong was friends laughing is "yiyanbuge tears", visible deep foundation. Data figure: "Yun Zhi" stills. (video screenshot) "Qingyun Zhi" not only after the launch of national network ratings 1.37, the market share of 9.11 of the good results, the member of TFBOYS Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan has become one of the highlights. Whether playing or playing, or in the face of difficulties, the performance of the two people are very good, there are users praised the two full of bookish". At the same time, "Yun Zhi" during the filming crew)相关的主题文章: