The female passenger police emergency subway station sudden bleeding hospital modern Express News (correspondent Dee reporter Gu Yuansen Xuan) November 15th, a female passenger in the Nanjing metro line three station Jimingsi subway sudden bleeding, fortunately the police arrived and took her to the hospital, the woman uneventfully. 11 15 April at 3 p.m., police in the subway metro line 3 Jimingsi station hall patrol, found the station hall there is a female passenger wearing a skirt support wall, pale, then stepped forward to ask. The woman saw the police coming face embarrassment, she immediately caught the police arm, whispered have just a few days before surgery today go out alone, go to the Temple Station and began to crow when bleeding. At present, the husband is not in the city, can not immediately come, hope the police can send themselves to the hospital. The police found a small pool of blood has been on the ground, but also keep some blood flow down along the legs, immediately call the 120 emergency call, and notify the station staff to come to participate in the rescue of female. While waiting for the ambulance, the police provide boiling water for female passengers, and the station to appease the female passenger’s mood. Modern Express reporter learned that the woman surnamed Chen, a few days ago just had an abortion, feeling these days his condition is good, because he was still young, he wanted to go out for a walk to the subway station, just did not expect to have such a dangerous situation. About 10 minutes later, police station joint staff together in a wheelchair to Ms. Chen to the ambulance, and arrange a female station personnel to accompany her to the hospital together, until Ms. Chen’s husband rushed to the hospital from Jiangning. The doctor told Ms. Chen after the operation must be warm rest, but can not walk around wearing a skirt, otherwise easily lead to bleeding, easier down the root cause.

女乘客地铁站内突发大出血 民警紧急救助送医现代快报讯(通讯员 狄公宣 记者 顾元森)11月15日,一位女乘客在南京地铁三号线鸡鸣寺站突发大出血,幸好地铁民警及时赶到将她送往医院,目前女乘客已无大碍。11月15日下午3点左右,地铁民警在地铁三号线鸡鸣寺站站厅内巡逻时,发现站厅有一位穿着裙子的女乘客扶墙而立,面色苍白,便上前询问。女乘客见到民警到来,表情尴尬,她立即抓住民警的胳膊,小声说自己前几天刚刚做完手术,今天独自出门,走到鸡鸣寺站的时候下身开始流血了。目前丈夫也不在市区,无法立即赶来,希望民警能把自己送到医院。民警见到地上已经有一小滩血迹,而且还不断有血顺着双腿往下流,立即拨打了120急救电话,并通知女站务工作人员前来参与救助。在等待急救车期间,民警为女乘客提供开水,并和站务一起安抚女乘客的情绪。现代快报记者了解到,女乘客姓陈,几天前刚做过流产手术,感觉这几天自己身体状况还不错,仗着自己还年轻,便想出门走走,没想到刚走到地铁站就发生了这样危险的情况。约10分钟后,民警联合车站工作人员共同用轮椅把陈女士送上救护车,并安排一位女站务人员陪同她一起前往医院,直到陈女士的丈夫从江宁赶到医院。医生关照陈女士术后一定要保暖静养,更不可以穿着裙子到处乱走,否则既容易引发出血,更容易落下病根。相关的主题文章: