The open field offbeat elective courses: teach the students how to use condoms in offbeat elective classes that students unable to stop the "death psychology" and "College Students’ mental health education", "youth financial education", "life and love", "the psychology of happiness"…… College students to choose a year, the University of colorful elective courses for students to have some small excitement, many of them alternative, trendy and special elective courses, these courses are very popular with students. China Daily reporter, Xijing University, Xi’an External affairs Institute, Xi’an Peihua University, walked into the classroom, feeling a different kind of elective charm. Psychology of death: death to live more exciting in the afternoon of September 8th, the first floor of the library of Xijing University, Professor Qi Xinyan here to teach "death psychology". At the Xijing University, many students are aware of this door sounds more new and mysterious elective courses, and as an associate professor at the Xijing University and the national two counselors Qi Xinyan is also a celebrity". The lesson of the day is the first class of the semester, the classroom has been filled with hundreds of people, there are people standing listening. "Have you ever seen death? What is the attitude towards death? If you can’t accept death, how can you make your life wonderful?" Qi Xinyan asked questions in his opening remarks. She tells the story in themselves: she had a brush with death, in 2011 she was diagnosed as "brain", experienced pain underwent surgery. "My attitude towards death is to live a good life," said qi. The teacher said, the main contents of this course are: the perception of death, death, death, understand, accept the death fear of death, death, death, analysis of predict against death and death culture, funeral culture, Dutch act of prevention, euthanasia. "The challenge of death, you will live well, as early as the death course into the classroom, there will be less suicide." Class, Qi teacher also tells the story of a university in Xi’an, a real example. There are students from the Internet to buy DDVP because of brokenhearted want to commit suicide, after the student teacher lucky to be intercepted and timely intervention. Only you have the preparation for death, you can live a better life. "The teacher talked about death when I was perceived to cry," after class, the school of Applied Chemistry professional sophomore girls high Zhiying said, grandma grandpa died when have an impact on their own, I feel my heart aches, now on this course, they have to face death calmly. Qi teacher told reporters that this course will have practical links, will let the students play dead, lying on the table, the students holding candles around him, so that students experience sadness and death. College Students’ mental health education: the use of condoms in addition to the "death psychology", "College Students’ psychological health education" is also a popular elective courses. Qi Xinyan is one of the teachers of this course. She said to the students in this class is very necessary, let them have a comprehensive knowledge about sex, such as sexual reproduction and function in addition to happiness and health, the relationship between love and sex, college students how to protect themselves, including how to prevent AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Students’ sexual physiology and sexual psychology相关的主题文章: