Cai Yingwen encouraged the "Taiwan" uniform shopping users: clowning? Sohu – Military Channel text with map: Cai Yingwen. China Taiwan network August 29th news: according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Taiwan "93 military day" is coming, the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen today (29 days) to encourage Taiwan in September 3rd to wear their uniforms, and family, boyfriend, girlfriend to go shopping on the street. Netizens criticized Cai Yingwen do not understand the social: uniform streets will be respected? Cai is a very impotent! Cai Yingwen met today in Taiwan "93 soldiers day" to participate in the activities of enterprise and the military representatives of manufacturers, to encourage Taiwan’s "Military" put on the uniform, to society, to win back the dignity of taiwan. She said, in a lot of pressure, a little flaw will be magnified, "when the soldiers dressed in military uniforms, bravely to the public, and the public can also be welcomed with open arms, uniformed soldiers, the first step is to win back the dignity of taiwan". Cai Yingwen’s remarks, immediately attracted netizens criticized: Zion health: uniform streets will not be called Michong (Yu eat do)? Anonymous fire: it is the eldest daughter will say nothing about community. BOY: what are you going to do with a clown? Useful? Lui: uniform street, will be respected?! There is a game of cai…… Incompetent! Ah ~ beads: still grin cheekily apparently not worldly! Cheapjoint0718: Taiwan now seems to be no "government" state, the military dignity already sweeping, the dignity of the police more shame, "sun flower" is the DPP party treasure, by a forest full withdrawal, these small fart people can now live most unpunished; dignity is the Democratic Progressive Party "legislators, like a wild dog every day can bite. Loup75002: international certification of spinach barrel was not langdexuming. Isaiah: fancy officers and gentlemen? Lining, Taiwan, China (Lanka)!相关的主题文章: