Beijing – VIDEO -111 Taiwan intelligent technology products light 2016 Nanjing Taiwan trade fair 111 Taiwan intelligent technology products light 2016 Nanjing Taiwan trade fair [comment] in September 9th, with "health care" as the theme of the Taiwan trade fair in Jiangsu province will come to Nanjing, a selection of about 111 Taiwan intelligent technology culture and sports and leisure products, among them, a 5 seconds can be easily folded electric cars exceptionally brisk. In the afternoon, the reporter saw at the Nanjing International Expo Center No. 1 Building No. 2, from Taiwan and Taiwan 111 smart products debut, attracted many consumers and visitors. 2016 Nanjing Taiwan trade fair boutique Museum curator Yang Wanyu said in an interview with reporters, the impression of Jiangsu is very good, they also hope to high-quality products in Taiwan and the mainland compatriots to share, discuss business opportunities. The same period [] (Nanjing Taiwan Taipei Boutique museum curator Yang Wanyu) 2016 Taiwan Museum has brought 111 products, 53 companies (product), which is a product of Taiwan quality certification, the scope of information communication in addition to the familiar, and we care about health at the same time and care, sports and leisure. [comment] in front of the lens of an intelligent computer chassis has a different name "Transformers", was able to deformation, because the chip itself through the Internet using a mobile phone or APP mode link control can be carried out "finger to control it freely". The same period [] (Nanjing Taiwan Taipei Museum curator Yang Wanyu) this is a computer host shell, it doesn’t look like it has a special function, it can be through a mobile phone operation you APP, can make the machine automatically open, you can change at the same time to operate inside light. [comment] while the seemingly ordinary electric scooter is widely used, either indoors or outdoors, can ride freely, and easily folded. The same period [] (staff Chen Ziyu) (this is) launched 5 seconds lightweight folding electric scooter, in fact, like our girls as long as 2 seconds can be easily folded, when it encounters turn, will automatically slow down, and this is a new one reversing function, so that the elderly more convenient in use. The same period [] (visitor Li Xiansheng) can do, novel style, fine. [the same period] (visitor Wang) see this car, I am very interested in. Its products are quite innovative, the technology is quite advanced, and its shape, I think it is very user-friendly design. [comment] according to the staff Chen Ziyu introduction, this smart old scooter can not only do the charging four hours 24 kilometers, also has encountered the detours automatic deceleration function. Reporter Ge Yong Jiangsu, Nanjing reports相关的主题文章: