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recently, sponsored by the National Health newspaper sponsored clinical application of special topics of basic drugs will be held in the health newspaper. More than 130 doctors from the grassroots counties in Beijing to accept the Zhang Dawei professor and professor of the Department of Cardiology of Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of Cardiology of China-Japan Friendship Hospital of China high on the basic of comprehensive management of clinical application of antihypertensive drugs related knowledge training. At the same time, training will be held on the clinical application of "guide" and "national drug formulary" donation ceremony. After the training, the participants carried out the "benevolence doctor Hu Peilan" viewing activities.

participants accepted clinical application of "guide" and "national drug formulary" donation

it is understood that the promotion of rational use of drugs is the core concept of national essential drug system and an important goal. The realization of this goal requires the understanding and support of the whole society, especially the support and participation of the majority of medical workers.

from the point of view of clinical drug selection, the basic drug is proven by many years of clinical practice, with good safety, efficacy and cost effectiveness of drugs. National Health and Family Planning Commission in 2013 to develop the rational use of health education, the core information, made it clear that the priority use of essential drugs is an important measure of rational use of drugs. WHO is one of the most important indicators of rational drug use is the use of basic drugs. In addition, from the beginning of the establishment of the basic drug system, it is important to improve the quality of essential drugs. Before the end of 2018, the basic drug oral dosage form will be the first to pass the consistency of evaluation, the quality of basic drugs will be more guaranteed.

is reported that, at present, not only in the primary health care institutions, in large hospitals should give priority to the use of basic drugs. With the reform of Medicare payment standards, payment methods will be fully implemented, the proportion of basic drug use will gradually improve.

health newspaper President Deng Haihua

health newspaper President Deng Haihua pointed out that, in order to allow medical institutions at all levels of the medical staff and the public understanding of the rational use of basic medicine knowledge, commissioned by the national health and Family Planning Commission Secretary of health and medicine, the newspaper reported health network began shooting in the 2009 version of "National Basic Medicine Clinical Application Seminar" from 2010, 2012 edition of the "national the basic drug list" issued after October 2013, once again commissioned medicine Secretary health newspaper organization of domestic well-known experts, according to the 2012 edition of "national basic drug clinical application guide" and "prescription", shot 80 about clinical application of "seminar of national essential drugs (2012 Edition)". The new version of the national health and Family Planning Commission attaches great importance to the leadership of Wang Guoqiang, Li Bin, deputy director, deputy director of the office of the director of the consultant as a consultant to the. Lecture "