.puters-and-Technology Sometimes you notice Windows XP installation on your .puter is not working at all. Sometimes your Windows XP dont boot at all, you get black screen or error messages saying disk boot failure or missing operating system. Sometimes your XP boots itself but you get errors like error reading disk or file not found. Sometimes everything looks fine but when you try to access the Internet you cant connect to the net. Whatever be the problem here are some .puter repair tips on which you can work on to resolve the Windows XP issues. Tech support experts suggest that if issues like these .e up, you may need to re-install the Windows XP you may need to repair the existing installation. .puter support experts always suggest reinstalling option as the last resort. This is so because reinstallation means beginning from the scratch once again. You will have to reinstall not only the Windows, but all the security installation , needed software, all the personal files from the backup so to say it is a huge time consuming process. But sometimes there is no other way. One of the positive points about reinstallation is that through it you can ensure an error free and virus free .puter. But in many case it is not essential. Sometimes you can make use of Hard Drive Recovery toll and can fix some problems on your PC hard drive. If you can boot your Pc but can see error messages on the screen you can try System Restore option to bring your PC back to good shape. If you are facing problems like slow running of your PC or you face problems in accessing the net, viruses can be the root cause of these. In such cases, you can download and install anti-virus software to make your PC run properly. If you still face .puter problems after following these .puter repair tips, you may need to consider the option of repair install. With this process, you will be able to delete all the previous XP corrupted files and can replace them with new copies of files from the Windows XP installation source CD or DVD. Sometimes .puter repair experts suggest that if repair is possible you should not go for a replacement of the Windows XP. Actually if you choose the option of repair then it will take much lesser time. The good thing is that in this way your .puter hard drive will preserve the data and applications that are on your .puter hard drive. But if your PC has got serious problems or if you cant the repair act properly your PC can get new problems. If any spyware or malware had already attacked your .puter it could be difficult to remove those viruses from the hard drive of the PC. For this reasons many experts suggest that it is better to format the hard drive of the corrupted .puter and run a fresh installation of the Windows XP. That takes long time no doubt but if you are in the habit of taking file backup you can consider the option of reinstallation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: