Automobiles Even after the transgressions of Big Three automaker GM a little more than a year ago, it seems the hits keep on .ing for the manufacturer. One of the most important brands to GM, Chevrolet, has .e back with a vengeance ever since the automaker hit rock bottom and went bankrupt. Chevy dealers in Lake County must have something to prove, because the Chevy line of cars is evolving into one of the most trusted lines on the market (yet again). Ever since the manufacturer was bailed out, the amount of Lake County Chevy drivers has been quickly building back again, and Chevrolet is beginning to look like its old self. Most recently, Lake County Chevy drivers have been able to hang their hats on two prestigious distinctions recently handed out by Consumer Reports. In this years Top Picks rankings, which pit cars in 10 segments against each other to find out which car gets the nod for Top Pick, Chevy took two different categories, much to the excitement of Chevy dealers in Lake County. In the Family SUV category, the designation was handed to the Chevrolet Traverse, while the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 took top honors in the Pickup Truck category. The honors handed to both cars put a smile on Lake County Chevy owners faces. According to Consumer Reports, The Traverse stands out as an impressive overall package with a quiet, spacious cabin that can .fortably seat up to eight adults and leave room for cargo. It provides a pleasant ride, .municative steering, and responsive handling. Our Traverse returned 16 mpg overall, which is respectable for its size. Rear visibility isn’t great, but clever convex side mirrors and an optional rear-view camera help. The GMC Acadia is a twin of the Traverse, but its reliability is below average. Price: $39,920. About the Silverado, Consumer Reports said, The Silverado 1500 returns as our top choice after a year off. The crew-cab 4WD model is a well-rounded pickup with a roomy cabin, generous payload capacity, decent ride quality, available full-time 4WD, and, on higher-end models, very good interior fit and finish. The GMC Sierra is a twin of the Silverado. The reliability of last year’s pick, the Chevrolet Avalanche, dropped to below average in our latest Annual Auto Survey, keeping it from repeating. Price: $37,235. For Chevy dealers in Lake County, these designations by one of the nations most prestigious consumer driving magazines are crucial for putting Chevy at the top of the industry again. In fact, the honors took into account three of the top areas that consumers look at when it .es to making a car purchase decision. The first category was the road test, which took into account more than 50 separate tests and evaluations. The second was the reliability test, which was based on the testimonies of Chevy owners. The third category was safety, which took into accounts independent testing by government and insurance entities. When all was said and done, the Traverse and Silverado models ended up atop their respective segments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: