Hardware One of the most common issue people face with the conventional graphic tablets is the disorientation between the placing of mouse and the pen. Although this can easily be perfected through practice but it would be better if you could simply draw or write directly on to the screen? An easier solution has been designed with Hanvon Sentip which gives more accuracy and better results. It combines an LED screen with graphical tablet features, making a unique combination and setting which gives best results and output. Hanvon Sentip is a flat tablet device which has a comfortable measure of 39×27 cm along with 17mm thickness. The display screen comes with a comfortable size of 12.1 inches, with adjustable stands to make the artist comfortable and thereby, work for long number of hours yielding great output and work flow. You can easily fold the screen in such a way that it fits in your lap perfectly. It also includes a black bezel with a two finger sensitive button and sliders on either side of the display screen. With appropriate configuration, the sentip acts and functions simultaneously as another display screen and a tablet to work upon freely with a drag and drop feature. The battery free stylus is extremely stylish and efficient which eventually makes the working smooth, easy and quick. There are as many as four different pen based applications namely WhiteBoard, PenSign, PenWrite, PenMail that can be used for handwriting and drawing various things. With a 1280×800 pixels and 5080 resolution, hanvon sentip makes an ideal choice for any designer, photographer or artist to make the best use of his creativity. The fact that you can draw directly on the screen itself, makes the task at hand extremely easy, quick and intuitive for the artists, achieving higher levels of accurate results. The innovative and well crafted ergonomic design of hanvon sentip makes it the most sought after graphical tablet amongst the professional designers and artists. With strong and solid build, it is extremely durable. The eight programmable keys make it even more worthy, so does its light weight. It is compatible with all the major softwares and supports Vista, Mac & PC as well. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: