Vacation-Rentals Bahamas Vacations: Travel Reminders Bahamas Vacations means going to a sovereign country and as such there are things to note before you begin packing your bags. Citizens of the USA and Canada are not required to present a passport while other nationalities may be asked to plus in some cases a Bahamas visa is also required; the best way to know is to ask Bahamian authorities to avoid undue trouble. Weather in the Bahamas is humid most of the time and it is advisable to wear light clothes, although just to be safe you can pack a little rain gear and you will also need a lot of sun block. The Bahamas have their own legal tender called Bahamas dollars but local establishments accept US dollars and other currencies but make sure to check with them first; money is the key to your fun and enjoyment. Always plan ahead not just in traveling to the Bahamas but with all forms of vacations as well. Bahamas Vacations at Grand Bahama Island Going on Bahamas Vacations on Grand Bahama Island is not just a chance to enjoy its magnificent beaches but also know more about the islands intricate past and the cheerful locals. Lucayan National Park showcases the diversity of the ecosystem in the Bahamas; being of tropical weather you wont expect to see pine trees but here they exist by the thousands which is also where one of the worlds longest underwater cave entrance can be found. Home to 18 species of birds that can only be found in the Bahamas, Rand Nature Center is frequented by bird lovers as well as regular tourists; more than a hundred indigenous plants are also grown there. Xanadu Beach is popular for having a wide range of water sports to choose from but they are not the only reason why visitors prefer staying here; straw products hand strewn and crafted abound in many shops and local stores in the place. Keeping its rural ambience alive yet teeming with modern facilities, Grand Bahama Island is a good place to have a vacation. Bahamas Vacations: Cat Island For Bahamas Vacations you can either choose it to be luxurious and pay the price or you can jump in with barely the necessary things on your back and call it an adventure of a lifetime which is what youll get if you go to Cat Island. Western traders took Cat Island and turned it into a cotton plantation which is pretty evident with all the ruins scattered in the island especially atop Mount Alvernia, the tallest point of the isle (206 feet) where youll see majestic views. Climbing Mount Alvernia is not that tough thanks to the stone staircase on Como Hill that Father Jerome Hawes took the time to carve by hand in the 1930s when he set out to build the St. Francis of Assisi monastery in the same location. In Bain Town you will find the small Mermaid Hole Lake which is said to be a haven for a beautiful mermaid. Be ready for a great adventure ride when you visit Cat Island. Bahamas Vacations: The Berry Islands If you want you Bahamas Vacations to be more than the usual beaches, sightseeing, rounds of golf, the head out to the Berry Islands for this is the perfect place to go for some me-time. This cluster of small islands or cays is located southeast of Bimini and most of them are inhabited so you are likely to find a place that you can have for yourself for a day. The islands many thatch berry trees gave it its name. If you are looking for other this to do aside from snorkeling and diving then why not go sport fishing for you might just land yourself a record catch. Sunbathing and just lazing by the shore is another thing that you can do the whole day. The tourism council of the islands organizes the Berry Islands Festival every month of May to entice people to come and visit the islands as well as get to know more about it. This is the place to be when you are searching for some privacy and seclusion even on your vacation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: