Fitness-Equipment Weight lifting exercisesare programs directed to improving health and fitness. It is usually a problem to know whatweight lifting exercisesthat are suitable for one o get to their personal goals. There are different types of exercises that one can choose from, however it is difficult in selecting the right routine for you. The benefits of weight lifting exercises There are very many people who think that lifting weights is for young people. However when these routines are done well, they are helpful to everyone no matter the age for muscle building and endurance improvement. Theseweight lifting exerciseswill increase your lean muscle mass hence this will speed up your metabolism which will reduce the body fat. In order to benefit from weight lifting exercises you don’t have to be a competitive body builder since you can enhance your physical performance and improve your appearance. This is a weight lifting exercise that is modified to suit your needs. Building your muscles as well as working your heart and lungs usually improves your health. And will help you lose weight in the case of women who are going for that. Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are able to withstand stress, while enhanced flexibility attained through strength training reduces the possibility of muscle pulls and back pains Weight lifting exercises can restrain the effects of sarcopenia, which is an age related loss of muscle mass, strength and function. So at the age of 30 there is 3-5% loss of muscle mass, thereby making day to day tasks more difficult and slowing the metabolism which will increase the risk to weight gain. Weight lifting exercises has also had a positive effect in reducing different health risks like insulin resistance, blood pressure body fat, resting metabolism and gastrointestinal transit time, this are factors that are linked to diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Body parts used in weight lifting exercises The most common mistakes that people do are by trying to muscle up by doing the wrong exercises or by using a wrong weight training program. Here are some weight lifting exercises that will help you muscle up arranged in the body part that they train. Chest: do bench presses and flat dumbbell bench presses. They are great for stimulating the mid and lower areas of the chest. Back: one of the best back strength exercises is the bent over barbell rows. Press weight lifting exercises are mainly intended for the growth of shoulders, secondarily for the triceps and traps. Arms: triceps press down, dips and inclined biceps curls. Pulling of the muscles and compound pressing in the arms work these areas well. Quads: the two great exercises for skinny people are front squats and lunges; they strengthen, build and improve the muscle tone. They are very simple to do and don’t require equipments. Hips: there are two types; the dead lifts and stiff leg dead lifts. The dead lifts are used to work the whole body and not just the hips, the other muscles are used to lift the weight. The others; function to provide stability to the body. Weight lifting exercises for packing on muscle mass One does not need to use strange and expensive equipments to get the best weight lifting exercises , there are basic exercises which help you to achieve your goal in building muscle mass, here are a few of them: – Squat: this is the best type of weight lifting exercise, if religiously performed they build up massive squads and hamstrings, strengthen the glutes and improve athletic performance. They also promote anabolic hormonal response that increases muscle mass the entire body. Dead lift: it involves every muscle in the body and allows weight lifters to handle more weight with any other movement. It does not only build a big upper but will give a thick physique that only strong lifters have. Bench press: it is a standby exercise for building muscle mass and upper body strength. Though other trainers are switching to dumbbell and machines any one still doing this will gain a large amount of muscle mass. It is important to note that before doing the weight lifting exercises that you have the proper mind set, nutrition and rest. It is also important that you have the right attitude that you will achieve your goal and the right motivation to stick to your plan. It is essential that you sleep well since muscles are built outside the gym. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: