Sheet Metal Cutting Machinery Posted By: Mr. T. K. Prakash In Metalworking Industry, a workpiece is subjected to a number of cutting operations. These processes include sawing, shaping, drilling, grinding, turning, milling and few others. For each of these metal cutting operations, there is one or the machine available in the market. These Metal Cutting Machines are classified on various parameters but their basic job remains the same i.e. to transform a workpiece into a practically usable final product. Classification Of Sheet Metal Cutting Machines Sheet Cutting Machines are classified on the basis of degree of specialization, motion and automation. Degree of Specialization: Sheet Metal Cutting Machines can be classified on the basis of the degree of specialization. A Sheet Metal Cutting Machine is usually categorized into 2 types : General Purpose Metal Cutting Machine Special Purpose Metal Cutting Machine General Purpose Sheet Cutting Machines are used to produce a wide range of shapes and sizes. Special Purpose Sheet Cutting Machines are used for crafting custom shapes. The most common example of a special sheet cutting machine is a Punching Machine. A Punching Machines comes in a set shape. When a sheet of metal is moved between the top and the bottom of a punch machine, precision cuts are obtained.Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine Band Saw Machine India Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machine Merits Of Special Purpose Machines (spm) Posted By: Mr. T. K. Prakash Special Purpose Machine (SPM) is custom designed for industry specific purposes. This custom designed machine comprises of tools and technology that can be used for cutting and welding specific shapes which are required by various production facilities. This machine is designed and constructed to meet cutting and welding requirements of various industries. Special Purpose Machines have many merits, few of which are mentioned below: Precision Precisely cut and welded products can be made by using a Special Purpose Machine. This machine is capable of precisely cutting and welding work-pieces according to the specific requirement of the production facility. Production of intricately designed products can be conveniently accomplished by using Special Purpose Machines. Flexibility For making products of different shapes and sizes, work-pieces are subjected to various procedures. For accomplishing various procedures, different types of machines are required and this makes the whole production process complex and time-taking. In this case a machine is required which can accomplish all the tasks from cutting to welding the work-piece in different shapes.Automatic Band Saw Machine Double Column Bandsaw Machine Automatic Band Saw Machine Slicing Through Most Craft Materials With Band Saws Posted By: Mr. T. K. Prakash A Band Saw is a power driven tool that comprises of metallic blades and is used for cutting various materials. It will not be an exaggeration to say that many big projects are given the final shape with the help of Band Saws. Straight, curved or any irregular cut can be given to the material by scrolling the band saw. The Band Saw machine draws the metallic blades across the machine for precise cut. There are two wheels, the drive wheel and the idler wheel, that support and drive the blades. There are Portable Band Saws as well. As the name suggests, Portable Band Saws are very handy and can easily be ported around. But to keep them stable while cutting, it is necessary to give a support base or stand otherwise the cut will not be as precise as it is required to be. Among different types of Band Saws, the Metal Cutting Band Saw can be further categorized into two types: horizontal and vertical machine. Horizontal Band Saw is used to cut the piece longitudinally. The position of the blade remains horizontal. On the other hand, in the Vertical Machines, the position of the cutting blade is vertical.Double Column Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine Double Column Bandsaw Machine How To Remove And Replace A Bandsaw Blade Posted By: Mr. T. K. Prakash Double Column Bandsaw Machine Metal Cutting Machine Double Column Bandsaw Machine 相关的主题文章: