Computing science has taken a great leap since innovation took the driving seat. Both market goliaths and startups are all trying to create distinctive value for their product and services to offer innovative solutions to their clients that will help them secure competitive advantage. Computing has attended higher level of complexities with multi layered customer engagement and communication. Today organizations take pride in themselves for offering customized solution to their clients and are therefore, striving to distinguish themselves and carving a niche through Application Innovation Services (AIS). AIS offers comprehensive commerce solution by allowing businesses to streamline and improve productivity. Customized applications are now applied and utilized at various aspects of improving business performance of an organization. As the world is making a paradigm shift application innovation holds the key to business success. What enterprise application innovation services aim at? In complex and competitive business world it has become imperative for businesses to stay ahead of its competitors. Enterprise applications are aimed to offer: Cost advantages Improved productivity Improved services Management solutions Reduced maintenance costs Improved energy efficiency Reducing carbon footprint Improved space utilization Better e-commerce solutions Enterprises are now widely using applications that helped them with marketing, sales and customer management service. Who can become application innovation services consultant? To become application innovation services consultantyou ought to be a graduate in computer science or computer application with extensive knowledge in programming and software development. Initially you have to join as a team member under an experienced project manager to learn the essentials about application development. As enterprises are increasingly embracing mobile technology the demand for mobile application developer is also on a rise. The set of skills required: Graduate degree in computer science Experience in application development Knowledge in programming and coding Good team playing ability Team management and project management experience Good communication and interpersonal skills Some training institutes are offering special training courses to candidates aspiring to become application development consultants. One can benefit from these continuous education programs as well, especially, if one aims to qualify for project manager jobs. Applications developers are often required to work long time and in shifts. They may be deployed to client location during project implementation, integration and to offer training. Travelling, therefore, makes an important part of a developers profile. The values of an application developer grew with his experience. You can eventually promote to the position of a project manager. 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