Internet-and-Business-Online You have made a Profile on LinkedIn, but never have given real thought what to write so potential customers or other people who might be interested in your Profile can find you? Or when they have found you that they are interested in contacting you and start a business relationship? In the previous article you already received the first 6 tips, these are the last 6 tips to optimize your LinkedIn Profile. 7. Experience : list all the organizations and companies you have worked for in the past. Always make sure you fill in the function and the right timeframe. This will help you to find old colleagues back and to be found by them. This is important to create the foundation of your network. 8. Education : list all the schools, colleges and universities you have attended. This will help you to find old classmates and to be found by them. When people have attended the same college or university, this also creates an instant bond, even when there is an age difference of 10 years or more. 9. Additional Information: Websites : visibility tip: use the option other and then make your own description. Why? People will be more inclined to click on it and it also helps for the search engine rankings of your websites and blogs. 10. Additional Information: Interests : list some personal interests. Next to the professional information in your LinkedIn Profile, personal interests and hobbies will help other people to get a better picture of you as a whole person. In this small box many times common interests are discovered which make building the relationship much easier. 11. Additional Information: Groups and Associations : list all the clubs and associations you are member of outside of LinkedIn. Of course some of these clubs and associations also have an online presence on LinkedIn, but the LinkedIn Groups you belong to are automatically added to your Profile. 12. Additional Information: Honors and awards : if you have received any honors or awards that are relevant for your situation, mention them. If they help other people to get a better image of who you are as a person or of your expertise, mention them. If they confuse people, then dont mention them. To your success ! Jan Jan Jan Vermeiren, founder of Networking Coach PS: more tips can be found in the Amazon Best Seller "How to REALLY use LinkedIn". Make sure to get your FREE light version of the book at: About the Author: Jan Vermeiren is the founder of Networking Coach, author of the network books "Let"’s Connect!" and "How to REALLY use LinkedIn" and well known networking speaker. Jan and his team specialize in online and offline networking and referral presentations and training courses. Go to to get your FREE light version of the book . Article Published On: – Internet-and-Business-Online By: – So how would we find nofollow interfaces at any rate? In spite of the fact that I’m normally a Google Chrome client, for this I prescribe utilizing the Mozilla Firefox program, since it … By: sinuse – To get SEO procedures work for the site, one needs to enlist SEO master administrations, as these specialists have great aptitude, experience and top of the line information in utilizing … By: Mark Well – In order to give your brand a true presence in the web, having a proper business domain name is considered to be of utmost necessity. Not only will such names help you in establishing a … By: smartweb – The two biggest issues that HOA faces are the communication and budget. By: Allyster Campbell – 3D PowerPoint templates our best templates for presentation and slide design with latest created diagrams and shapes. These templates contain a nice 3D illustration created with PowerPoi … By: Gaurav Heera – Meta tags are also well known by Meta Data. Meta Tags show information regarding web page and it is required for all types of documents similar to HTMl. By: Gaurav Heera – Branding is one of the most important things which is missed by many webmasters and bloggers. Branding yourself is very important in terms with digital marketing. By: Ross Carter – On the off chance that you plan to make your own page for individual use or a complete site for your business needs, the primary inquiry you should ask is – what sort of elements do I se … By: GoodContent – Avoid the crowds of the Mall by shopping online! No matter what you are looking for, this site will have it all. Pet products, sporting goods, apparel, health and beauty products- we hav … By: Mark Well – Online marketing campaigns helps people in promoting their services as well as their products. It helps in increasing the reach of the business and increasing the customer base. It makes … 相关的主题文章: