Zheng Saisai will update the personal best ranking near Olympic singles qualification, Zheng Saisai in the game sina sports news Beijing time on February 25th, the total bonus of $2818000 WTA super five series, Doha open began the third round of contest. China rookie Zheng Saisai continues on new round of the Australian Open champion Gobel Shen Yong, in the first count to resolve 7-6 (1) 6-1 Lectra Canada talented girl, occupation career for the first time over five quarter finals. After successive victories, she also scored considerable points, which was good for her impact on the Olympic qualification. The 21 year old Bouchard has been in the doldrums for the last year, but the former Canadian Wimbledon runner has been a hot hit. Outside the card this week, her performance has also improved. She has played against Zheng Saisai two times in the past, without losing a game. But the last round upset victory over the world just second Korbel Zheng Saisai morale Masamori, to enhance the personal attacks, she became more competitive in WTA. To create the best individual rankings, broke into the Doha quarterfinals, Zheng Saisai won at least 190 points this week, instant ranking came to the sixtieth place, not only beyond Zhang Shuai to recapture the throne of a new sister, but also refreshed the best ranking of individuals. Her best ranking was the sixty-first place she created last May 11th. In the face of the 14 finals in Aosta, ranking seventieth Peng immediately, is the 2014 Wimbledon Junior Champion, the strength of the two in about the same. If Zheng Saisai can beat her opponent, she will reach the top 50 goals set at the beginning of the season. According to the regulations of the Olympic Games, the qualification of singles will be decided according to the world ranking announced in June 6, 2016. The top 56 players are eligible for qualification. But that doesn’t mean that the deadline for the race is fifty-sixth. Because according to the provisions of the International Tennis Federation, the United States can send 4 players to participate in singles, like the United States (7), Russia (6), Germany (6) the traditional powers, the number of the top 56 more than 4 people, they occupied in excess of the quota will be canceled, according to the final ranking in the world to be postponed, generally finalists Olympic Games ranked 60 or so. Of course, Zheng Saisai has two points to be guaranteed. Last year she won the 75K championship in the back and back of Qishan and 230 points in two stations. However, her performance in the hard ground is becoming more and more outstanding, and she has the opportunity to rise in the following games. She only scored 30 points last year at the two Miami Wells championship in Indian. (Cheng Wen)

郑赛赛将刷新个人最佳排名 迫近奥运会单打资格 郑赛赛在比赛中   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月25日消息,总奖金为2,818,000美元的WTA超五系列赛多哈公开赛开始了第三轮的较量。中国新秀郑赛赛延续着上轮淘汰新科澳网冠军科贝尔的神勇状态,在首盘化解盘点后以7-6(1) 6-1力克加拿大天才美少女,职业生涯首次超五赛八强。连续的胜利后她也拿到可观的积分,这对她冲击奥运会的资格颇有益处。   21岁的布沙尔虽然最近一年状态低迷,但作为前温网亚军,这位加拿大美少女一直备受追捧。本周以外卡身份出战,她的表现也有所起色。她在过去曾经两次和郑赛赛交手,均不失一盘保持全胜。不过上轮刚刚爆冷击败世界第二科贝尔的郑赛赛士气正盛,在提升了个人的攻击性后,她在WTA变得更有竞争力。   创造个人的最佳排名   闯入多哈赛八强后,郑赛赛在本周至少拿到190分,即时排名来到第60位,不仅超越张帅重新夺回新一姐的宝座,也刷新了个人的最佳排名。此前她的最佳排名是去年5月11日创造的第61位。1 4决赛中面对的奥斯塔彭科即时排名也第70位,是2014年的温网青少年冠军,两人的实力在伯仲之间。如果郑赛赛能战胜对手,她将达成赛季初设定的前50的目标。   迫近奥运单打席位   根据奥运会的规定,单打的入围资格将根据2016年6月6日公布的世界排名决定。排名前56位的球员可接获得入围资格。不过这并不意味着正赛的截止排名为第56位。因为根据国际网球联合会的规定,美国国家最多能派出4个球员参加单打,像美国(7)、俄罗斯(6)、德国(6)这些传统强国中,排名前56位的人数超过4人,她们占用的多余的名额也将作废,最终按世界排名进行顺延,一般来说入围奥运会的排名在60位左右。   当然,郑赛赛还有两个具分要保,去年她在安宁和岐山背靠背夺取75K赛的冠军,两站拿到的积分有230分。不过在硬地表现越来越出色的她,在之后的比赛中迎来涨分的机会。她去年在印第安维尔斯和迈阿密两站皇冠赛中只拿到了30分。   (程文)相关的主题文章: