Zhang Bichen in Beijing to celebrate the December 10th opening concert of Nanyin the intern Chihiro Sina entertainment news on September 10th afternoon, Zhang Bichen’s birthday will be held in Beijing. In order to meet the two dimensional girl desire, the birthday party specifically chose her favorite One Piece as the theme. In addition to the fans intimate interaction, Zhang Bichen also sang a song by Karen Mok [micro-blog] "baby" advertising fans, and for the first time singing the song "talking to myself" as an egg. Of course, more importantly, the concert was finally confirmed! In December 10th, Zhang Bichen will be held in Beijing debut since the first concert. At the birthday party, Zhang Bichen and fans interact with each other, and sent a mysterious gift for the fans. In addition to interact with fans happy scene, there is no lack of warm atmosphere. Circle of friends William Chan [micro-blog], Joker [micro-blog], Zhou Bichang [micro-blog], Khalil Fong [], micro-blog brilliance Yu [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Guan Xiaotong, Li Jiage, sweet hope through VCR for Zhang Bichen on the birthday wishes. William Chan expressed the hope to have the opportunity to work together, Hua Chenyu also said that if it is possible to go to her concert cheer. In the quick link, asked if Liu Yifei [micro-blog] and Luffy who fell into the water will save, Zhang Bichen immediately revealed the nature of many sister, do not hesitate to say will save the goddess Liu Yifei. Zhang Bichen also revealed that his idol in the music industry is Eason Chan [micro-blog] and Zhou Bichang, she said that she is her goal and ideal, and I hope to have the opportunity to work together in. The event, Zhang Bichen, a cover of Karen Mok’s "baby" to the fans love, also for the first time to sing the new album will be released in late October, the song "talking to myself". She used "metamorphosis, multiple and deep," to describe the new album "style, style would be more tough point, I hope that we can see the nature of the." Zhang Bichen debut since the debut concert will also be held at the Beijing Workers Stadium in December 10th. In the part of the group’s visit, Zhang Bichen said he didn’t have a boyfriend now, the ideal types are less, mature, and planned to marry before the age of thirty, when the thirty-five year old mother, but she also said: "if you can not just let it be!" Talking about his "forgetting the words" Zhang Bichen recalled his experience at the Beijing International Film Festival will sing "life" into "glorious", "joked that a second revolution song", she said sometimes sing into it is easy to forget the words, but they do not see the teleprompter, always will be found. (the Nanyin Intern Qian Xunwen) (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: