Yao Yuzhou: "really do fine quasi real time petition work to improve the ability and level of Anhui channel, people.com.cn according to Chuzhou network reported, September 29th morning, party secretary Yao Yuzhou in the city’s comprehensive stability training site visits reception teaching activity on the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, at present, and the tenth provincial Party Congress held soon, all localities and departments to firmly establish the" development is the first priority, stability is the first responsibility consciousness "," true, do fine, accurate and real "four word article, adhere to the" things to solve, not from Chu ", and constantly improve the petition stability work ability, truly selves, responsible for defending their territories, responsible for defending their territories, to ensure overall social harmony stable. Municipal Committee, party secretary general Wang Jianzhong to participate in activities. Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Director Ma Jun presided over the activities. Yao Yuzhou said, the municipal government organized the training course, I volunteered to conduct an on-site reception demonstration activities, because of the city’s comprehensive stability petition work situation is still grim, do comprehensive petition stability work is a political task, as party secretary, must set an example, make a demonstration for the majority of the city’s cadres together to do this work well. To strengthen front-line workers learn the masses through the activities, enhance their understanding, enhance the level of ability, make its due contribution to building a harmonious Chuzhou. Yao Yuzhou stressed that to win is the realistic requirements of the petition work politics and the overall situation, but also for our ruling ability test, more related to long-term development of Chuzhou. To understand the situation, and enhance the sense of urgency, firmly establish the "development is the first priority, stability is the first responsibility consciousness, to ensure overall social harmony and stability. To strengthen the masses, take responsibility and affection to solve the demands of the masses, must emphasize the method, focus on the "true, fine, accurate and real" four word article, and continuously improve the ability and level of the petition stability work. In the feelings of the masses, to highlight the "true", with emotion, standing in the position of the masses on the issue, the petition work as an important channel to understand public opinion; contradictions in the investigation, to highlight the "fine", strengthen the responsibility of the first run, the investigation of the petition contradiction, establish the basis of accounting, the implementation of the package case responsibility, efforts to resolve contradictions and problems at the grassroots level and the bud; in the process, to highlight the "quasi" word, catch a bid, breakthrough, with good people trust the way to untie the knot, to win the understanding and resolving conflicts; in backlog resolve, to highlight the "real word, do appeal immediately resolved in place, perfectly logical and reasonable legal demands are not legal but to solve, perfectly logical and reasonable demands neither legal nor ideological education perfectly logical and reasonable place, illegal behavior The law in place, life difficult for assistance in place. Yao Yuzhou stressed that to ensure the compaction responsibility, "things to solve, not from Chuzhou, realize the contradiction is not up. To promote the normalization of leading cadres liberating, improve leadership to resolve the case pending petition system, and strengthen supervision and assessment of accountability, strengthen the comprehensive management of the petition stability of cadres, outstanding performance test, effectively solve the "dry and a kind, ganhaoganhuai a kind of" problem. )

姚玉舟:做好“真细准实”不断提高信访工作能力和水平–安徽频道–人民网 据滁州网报道,9月29日上午,市委书记姚玉舟在全市综治维稳信访培训班现场接访教学观摩活动上强调,当前,十八届六中全会和省第十次党代会召开在即,各地各部门要牢固树立“发展是第一要务、稳定是第一责任”意识,做好“真、细、准、实”四字文章,坚持“事要解决、人不离滁”,不断提高信访维稳工作能力水平,真正做到守土有责、守土负责、守土尽责,确保社会大局和谐稳定。 市委常委、市委秘书长汪建中参加活动。市委常委、市委政法委书记、市公安局局长马军主持活动。 姚玉舟说,市委、市政府举办这次培训班,我主动要求开展一次现场接访观摩活动,是因为当前全市综治维稳信访工作形势还比较严峻,做好综治维稳信访工作是一项政治任务,作为市委书记,必须以身作则,为全市广大干部作出示范,共同把这项工作做好。希望一线的群众工作者们通过此次活动加强学习交流,切实提高认识,提升能力水平,为构建平安和谐滁州作出自己应有的贡献。 姚玉舟强调,做好综治维稳信访工作既是讲政治、讲大局的现实要求,也是对我们执政能力的考验,更关系滁州长远发展。要认清形势,切实增强责任感紧迫感,牢固树立“发展是第一要务、稳定是第一责任”的意识,确保社会大局和谐稳定。要切实增强群众观念,带着责任和感情解决好群众诉求,要讲求方法,着力做好“真、细、准、实”四字文章,不断提高信访维稳工作的能力和水平。在对群众的感情上,要突出“真”字,带着感情、站在群众立场上考虑问题,把信访工作作为了解社情民意的重要渠道;在矛盾的排查上,要突出“细”字,强化首办责任,对排查出的信访矛盾,建立基础台账,落实包案责任,努力将矛盾和问题化解在基层和萌芽状态;在问题的处理上,要突出“准”字,抓住牛鼻子,找准突破口,善于用群众信任的方式解开心结、赢得理解、化解矛盾;在积案的化解上,要突出“实”字,做到诉求合情合理合法的立即解决到位、诉求不合法但合情合理的酌情解决到位、诉求既不合法也不合情合理的思想教育到位、对行为违法的依法处理到位、对生活困难的帮扶救助到位。 姚玉舟强调,要压实责任,确保“事要解决、人不离滁”,实现信访矛盾不上行。要推进领导干部接访常态化,完善领导包案化解信访积案制度,切实强化督查考核问责力度,加强综治信访维稳干部队伍建设,突出实绩考查,切实解决“干与不干一个样,干好干坏一个样”的问题。 (责编:黄艳、关飞)相关的主题文章: