Yang Zhi rescue 10 Shenhua 0-0 Guoan standings fourth comments to the Sohu sports Guoan 0-0 Shenhua Sergeyev sudden strong 3 people to defend Beijing time on October 26th night at 19:30, the 2016 Super League season, the twenty-ninth round of the eight games at the same time start. The campaign, Beijing Guoan team away to Shanghai shenhua. Sixty-ninth minutes into the game, Shenhua team in front of tuishe caused by Yang Zhi dropped, thanks to Yang Zhi responsiveness from the gate line, the ball back. Eighty-ninth minutes, baijiajun behind Tiren booked, two small conflicts, Li Jianbin accumulated two yellow cards sent off. Finally, the two sides 0-0 goalless draw, Shenhua team let themselves be rivals on Hong Kong Fanchao, dropped to scoreboard fourth. But they also kept their unbeaten home record this season. From the historical record in the history of the game, Shenhua to Guoan 9 wins 5 flat 11 negative is not dominant, but the home court battle, Shenhua only 2 negative security. The first leg of the season with Zhang Xizhe, Guoan scored two home court defeats Shenhua 2-1. At present, Shenhua has locked the qualification for next season AFC Champions League, but between the city and the port of the dispute continues. Guoan, Yilmaz, Zhang Xizhe missed the game because of injury, 93 young Du Mingyang started the game. Shenhua coach Manzano was Guoan coach, also have many origins between Beijing and shanghai. With the referee’s whistle, the game started in the rain. Second minutes, baijiajun violated Yu Dabao foul, Beijing Guoan team won the frontcourt place kick opportunities, open to the ball on the left, Zhang Ming Chi cross from the left, the ball is taken by Li Shuai. Fifth minutes, to protract Augusto front, Zhang Chiming midfield ball shot, slightly higher than the beam. Sixth minutes, Martins, Cao? Set left the ball, hit the door inside, security defender block. Twelfth minutes, Zhang Chiming left xiadichuanzhong, Yu Dabao Dianshe in front of the door, the ball went straight to the net, Li Shuai line will rescue the ball. The two sides have intercourse but lack of fatal moment. Fifteenth minutes, Guoan right attack, Augusto edge of the area after the ball hit the door, but the door of being too Li Shuai confiscated. Twentieth minutes, Sergeyev restricted area near a cold shot, but unfortunately did not enter the door frame range. Twenty-first minutes, Yu Dabao have booked for a foul. Twenty-fourth minutes, Guoan get a restricted area on the left side of the opportunity to locate the ball, Du Mingyang opened the ball to the road, was the other defensive player of the siege. Twenty-sixth minutes, Zhao Hejing right pass, Sergeyev front end volley shot, the ball slightly above the door. Twenty-ninth minutes, Augusto was hit by Qin sheng. The rain is more and more big, or has a certain impact on both sides of the technical and tactical movement and attack speed. Thirty-second minutes, Guoan get the chance to attack, Du Yang Ming Road side, Zhang Chiming knock, Zhao Hejing on the right pick playing behind Sergeyev Road, jump for the ball does not control. Then Yu Dabao fell to the ground in the struggle. Thirty-seventh minutes, Guoan before the market opportunity to locate the ball, Du Mingyang ball into the box, was cleared. Fortieth minutes, Cao? Must pass in the left front of Wang Shouting Dianshe confiscated by Yang Zhi. Forty-second minutes, Ralph brought down the king?.相关的主题文章: