Yang Kun challenge girl Fenghua Chenyu will sing from the heart of fellow Sina entertainment news tonight at 21 stalls, Oriental TV "Teana" battle broke out in World War ii. The four angels sing "Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Huachen Yu [micro-blog] face four strong challenger Suren struck, with the strongest strength. While amateur singers also bring their song of life". It’s not known, the new eight famous songs is a wonderful show! "Little Xun Zhou," Zhang Li Qian micro do against Hua Chenyu singled out Karen Mok because the goddess looks like her mother "are all of the world meet after being apart a long time" this sentence is particularly suitable for Huachen Yu and his challenger "little Xun Zhou" Zhang wei. They not only fellow, Huachen Yu home for the first time in the Hubei concert in Shiyan, Zhang Wei also worked with brilliance Yu pass, but at that time, Zhang Wei only in the distance he secretly excited. The "voice" battle gave her a stage, not only can walk away from some of the more recent brilliance Yu, and also to challenge his invitation. In the first phase of the program, Zhang Wei had pressed the challenge button, but ultimately chose the duel with brilliance Yu "Fisherman" Gao Rui. This time, Zhang did not want to miss any chance again, she pressed the button to challenge Hua Chenyu. The result is, of course, a dream come true! Get a showdown with fellow brilliance Yu, Zhang Wei chose as a feminine play tracks. Her voice had a charming and enchanting, let the heart waves. And she chose a miss Hua Chenyu’s hometown works. The "flower" in this song full of expression of the wanderer homesickness, could not help but let the two fellow "two tears", that happiness has infected the whole audience. In addition, this week to challenge Karen Mok’s players, Li Qian is a piano teacher. To this end, he chose a simple English song. His singing really warm, so that goddess Karen Mok can not help but praise: you have a sincere heart." And when it comes to why Karen Mok will come, Li Qian’s answer is also unexpected: "because she looks like my mother. On the stage zero distance to see her feel more like, excited to tremble feet." And Li Qian chose a soulful song for Karen Mok. The arrangement of this song, Karen Mok did not make too big changes to the original song, but she put a lot of my own understanding and emotion of the song. When the audience will hear a song like "symphonic poem" wonderful songs. Yang Kun turned small adorable sister "or" sweet "encounter rival Shiding Su, was her favorite in a period after the broadcast," angels sing "are adapted by many of the Divine Comedy network hot debate. In this period the proposition of song, and there will be many unexpected. One is the "tough guy" Yang Kun had to cover the girl heart full of "sweet"! While the original singing Mavis Fan [micro-blog] in singing this song is lovely and romantic, full of pink. How to deal with such a large span of Yang Kun in the end? Yang Kun was almost awake at night. He even joked that he was too nervous to sleep before the game相关的主题文章: