Wukesong reproduction home court? 18000 gas jacket again removed from     Beijing on February 21st news, the first round of the playoffs this season CBA fourth games will compete in the wukesong. Beijing played at home against Xinjiang. Return to the home court tonight Wukesong, Beijing team tickets sold out early. As the organizers, Wukesong prepared a white sweater on each for fans who came to the scene. The purpose is obvious, to create a home atmosphere. In commercial and mature NBA, this scenario is very common. But before the game, as the main sponsor of the tournament, Lining removed the gas shirt. The fans before admission, all seats Wukesong were covered with a white gas shirt, which makes the Wukesong looks like a piece of white sea. But soon, the staff took off the white jerseys…… This is not the first such scene wukesong. In 2014, the Beijing team and Guangdong team in the fourth semi-final game, Wukesong prepared 18000 gas jacket, they even prepared to be fined for China basketball; but in the end, due to loss of the main sponsor of the League interests can only withdraw. In the finals the 4 field, or for the fans Wukesong issued these filling shirts. Unfortunately, tonight Wukesong is no longer white sea! (Jimmy) 五棵松再现主场白? 18000件加油衫又一次被撤       北京时间2月21日消息,本赛季CBA季后赛首轮第4场将在五棵松展开角逐。北京队坐镇主场对阵新疆队。   重回五棵松,今晚北京队主场球票早早销售一空。作为主办方,五棵松为前来现场观战的球迷准备了每人一件白色的加油衫。此举目的很明显,营造主场氛围。在商业化成熟的NBA,如此情景非常多见。但在赛前,作为联赛主赞助商,李宁把加油衫给撤掉了。   球迷入场前,五棵松所有观众座位都披上了白色的加油衫,这让五棵松看上去像一片白色的海洋。不过很快,工作人员就将这些白色加油衫拿掉……   这不是五棵松首次出现如此场景。2014年北京队与广东队半决赛第4场赛前,五棵松准备了18000件加油衫,他们甚至做好了被中国篮协罚款的准备;但最终,因有损联赛主赞助商的利益只能撤下。与新疆队总决赛第4场,五棵松还是选择为球迷们发放这些加油衫。   遗憾的是,今晚五棵松不再是白色海洋!(jimmy)相关的主题文章: