Wu Sihan stepped off the dream to hero now Shandong crisis – Sohu sports "bold Shandong Han, standing between heaven and earth, and Shandong Han, strong between heaven and earth" this song is a true portrayal of the man of Shandong. November 5th WKPL hero dream world boxing championship will once again sounded the drums, airborne "water city" Shandong sunshine, then Shandong man Wu Sihan will show the bright and brave sword, hero of Shandong. Shandong has been the outstanding figures of the collection, and now in the Chinese fighting arena fighting heroes of Shandong and the sprinkling of blood beyond count. From the China circles once Sanda flag character Liu Hailong now Sanda World Champion Bai Jinbin, pay peak, Shandong man again in the history of China fighting add bright ink. This time the dream hero – Sunshine station, Wu Sihan as a new generation of native China fighting champion Muhammad Kaladze against Uzbekistan – ora that challenge. The day before the interview, Wu Sihan bluntly: the local operations of great pressure, partly because of a very strong opponent is not a good deal, on the other hand, because of this competition Wu Sihan is a temporary substitute for the competition, a serious shortage of time. Wu Sihan the opponent Kakha ora that really strong, he has a 181CM height and angular muscle, the age of 22 in the peak period of occupation, technology, power and psychological quality in the very mature stage. In addition, this aura currently made 10 wins out of 7 3KO negative 3 rival occupation record, he has achieved 4 victories in recent matches. In addition, this place is the most horrible aura has excellent combat skills, combined with the actual situation of the stadium style often make the opponent feel unable to start, but once the opponent’s defensive loopholes and he will send one shot a moment of the end of the opponent. In the face of such a tough opponent, Wu Sihan said: "this is indeed aura can not be ignored, the game I temporarily received notice of the preparation time is relatively short, but I have more experience, this game is in his hometown of war, I must KO him, we show the bloody man of Shandong." Wu Sihan’s confidence comes from his own strength, although only 19 years old, but has won 20 wins out of 17 2 KO opponent’s impressive record, has accumulated rich experience in the arena, and won the Liaoning Province in 2012 2015, the national boxing championship runner up kickboxing match 72KG runner up and the 2015 Asian Kickboxing championship champion 75KG this year to participate in the WKPL hero Dream World Championship Boxing Champion – Luoyang Railway Station, gains 75KG. In addition, his 188CM height may make him a little thin in the 80KG game, but in the long distance attack will have a better attack effect. The game went to Uzbekistan’s nations Shandong challenge, Shandong hero Wu Sihan can beat the opponent, to show the hero of Shandong bloody color? November 5th WKPL hero dream world boxing championship will unlock the mystery for you相关的主题文章: