Business Why Steel Buildings Aren’t Safe From Thieves While you might not realize it, steel buildings and metal buildings have be.e a thief’s dream for reasons that you might not expect. These buildings may be tough on the weather and pests, but they just can’t hold up to thieves that realize the fortunes that lay in the frames. By stripping construction sites and new homes, these thieves have been able to make money for themselves as the price for aluminum and copper continues to rise. Is there anything that you can do to protect your construction site? First of all, you need to realize that a home that isn’t finished is still the responsibility of the contractor to protect and that means you. By showing your customers that you value their home, you will earn their trust as well as repeat business from referrals or from the clients themselves. You want to treat their home as you would want your own home to be treated or even better. With this attitude in mind, here are the ways that you can protect their investment. Security workers You can hire security detail to monitor the construction site when you will not be there. These security details aren’t necessarily expensive and need only be used during the evenings when other security measures will not work. You will want to thoroughly investigate each of the security guards that you hire with a full background check and check any references they might offer. These guards can either sit in their car to watch the site or they can drive by at regular intervals, depending on your personal preference and needs. As the house is built up, these security details can be minimize as other security measures can be used. Alarm systems Each construction site should have some sort of theft deterrent system that either sounds a loud alarm or silently alerts the police to a possible theft. A .bination of the two types of alarms can be an effective way to head off thieves. You may want to choose a silent alarm for the beginning of the criminal act so that police have time to respond, and then have the louder alarm go off for neighbors to respond more immediately. Surveillance cameras By installing security cameras, you can create an invisible method of catching thieves that want to steel from metal buildings and steel buildings. These cameras will not be able to work in darker lighting, but they can be affective for days that you might not be at the site holidays, rain days, etc. Be sure to check the quality of the film to be sure that you can discern the identity of the thieves that are caught on tape. Fences Many constructions sites have opted to put up high fences to keep thieves from taking the copper and metal scraps from the site. These are physical deterrents that can be .bined with any of the other methods as well. When you have a construction site that will someday be the home for a family, doesn’t it make sense that you take the time to protect their investment and their future? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: