Why not take 486! Men consider breaking up moments when we look at the "Re: starting from zero different world of life", had witnessed the bitter chase food month REM but they cannot touch each other, love love honey Liya picture? Many people may not understand, why lose to this point, but not by men. But recently Japanese media survey "men consider breaking up the moment", but also in the gun. The man’s career is on track. "When my career is on track, I think about breaking up with my girlfriend. Because when I was growing up and getting higher income, my girlfriend was still the same." (29) there are some hard working men who, after gaining their growth, begin to hate their lives. If the couple can grow two, it is a good thing, but if there is a stagnant party is very troublesome. In fact, this is not the only male privilege, we also heard many women in the limelight, abandoned her ex boyfriend. "Always stop men talking" "if my girlfriend interrupts me frequently, then I think about breaking up."." (27 years old IT) in the beginning of the exchanges between lovers, there will never be such a casual interrupt the other side of the situation. However, when the two sides are familiar with, there is no sense of tension, it may gradually become a lack of respect. If this happens, men will be very uncomfortable. When I play with my friends, always send a lot of information] [when I play with my friends, girlfriend always send a lot of information! I don’t know how to look at the situation!" (26 years accounting) no matter how loving couple, also hope to be able to have their own time, so that we can feel the joy. My girlfriend pays for everything, "even if she is considering getting married, but I can not get married right now, maybe this is a lot of men’s troubles. In fact, the more she paid for me, the more I couldn’t satisfy her dream…… She is also very poor to think about this, so I would like to break up." (29 individual) in general, the heart in order to give his girlfriend boyfriend, this is the dream of many people the emotional realm. But the reality is not necessarily the case, many men in the absence of sufficient economic strength, will not enter the marriage hall. And the other party to pay too much, but will make them feel the pressure. How about this? Men in love, will also take into account their own work, economic conditions and other issues. Compared with women, men seem to be more concerned about the career. As a result, male magazines tend to be related to business, and fewer for men. For them, no matter what the girlfriend did, but it may not affect the decision to break up.相关的主题文章: