You and I are weird guys. That’s the reality. Well maybe weird isn’t the right term… Sure, other people might call us weird, but I’d say we are EXCEPTIONAL. First of all, it takes a certain kind of man to admit that he can improve with women. Most guys are mentally lazy. They’d rather play video games and looking at hot images, and then hope to get lucky on Saturday night. Sure, that’s real easy when you’ve been hooking up with girls all your life. Most guys meet women through their social circle. Even some of the most awkward guys I’ve ever met had a few "options." Which actually annoyed me, because I can remember a LONG period in my life where I was a) HOT URGES, and b) A total loser with women I was clueless when it came to women. I swear, I would’ve done ANYTHING to change this. But at some point I realized I had no other choice but to pull up my bootstraps and BUST MY BUTT to figure this out. And you know what? It’s a good thing I did, for two reasons. The first reason is obvious…MY LIFE BEGAN TO CHANGE IMMEDIATELY. And as a result, I got good enough to give what I’ve learned to other guys, and make a living out of it. I’m actually one of the VERY FEW professional "pickup coaches" out there who does this full time. Most of the other guys do this part time, as a way of "supplementing their income." And as they all squabble and compete with each other, they’ll all tell you there’s one guy they won’t mess with – yours truly. That’s because not only do I treat other guys with respect, even if I disagree with their methods… It’s also because I’m true in dealing. (Maybe they’re scared I’ll hook their girlfriends! Haha just kidding guys) You know, it’s true that women respond to CERTAIN TOPICS. There’s actually a well-respected pickup coach out there who made a list of girl-friendly topics. It’s good stuff! The thing is, there are two kinds of topics when we speak about women: good and bad. Good = fun, funny, personal, introspective, silly, random, deep, etc. Bad = anything negative and dry (logical). But this looks easier than it sounds. As you know, we, people are weird in many ways. It’s really easy for us to complain and talk about stuff we DON’T LIKE. And as men, we are naturally very logical. We like FACTS. But there is a small, TINY percentage of MEN WHO KNOW HOW TO TALK TO WOMEN. These are the guys that effortless chit chat with HOT WOMEN, and get them laughing and touching them with ease. And like me when I was younger, you watch…baffled, jealous…and as you watch these women’s breasts jiggle and bounce as their lips spread and let out their melodious feminine laughter…you have a strange mix of anger and horniness. It’s not fair. Most guys who have the "gift of gab" with women had POWERFUL, AFFIRMING EXPERIENCES with women when they were young. You know these guys – remember in 6th grade, there was the one kid who all the girls thought was soooo cute. I’m sure you can remember a guy from every grade who fits this description. If it wasn’t the same kid every year (for me it was). It’s a shame that most guys give up control over something so important. They talk about "being in bed" as "getting lucky," and dating as "one day I’ll meet the right girl." You deserve the women you want. And your genes deserve to be passed on with the best possibility of survival. That’s what evolution is all about. Therefore, you deserve to be with the women your really want. This is YOUR LIFE. All you have to do is handle the conversation thing! It’s really not that hard once you know what to pay attention to. If you’re reading this, I know you’re not lazy. You’ve probably bought tons of books and programs on how to be better with women, or how to be better at LIFE. But when it comes to dating knowledge, a lot of stuff falls flat. That’s because it hasn’t been field-tested. We are passionate about what we do. We LIVE IT. We give our students the very same stuff WE USE. I know you have a full tank of gas, ready to make your journey. That’s why you’re reading this. All you gotta do is STEP ON IT. Copyright (c) 2009 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: