UnCategorized We need to have a good understanding of sitemap first. Sitemaps are primarily the files that are made and generally uploaded to the root directory of sites/blogs to make sure that search engines are informed of the present pages of a site/blog. SEO services should consider including these files for their clients so their pages could more easily be indexed. What’s a Sitemap? It’s a file that indicates what the structure of a website/blog is to the human visitors as well as search engines. It could include all or major parts of a site. It could be in different formats with various usages. Now, I’m going to show you the most important three sitemaps in different formats: HTML Sitemap It’s a document that is chiefly usable and useful for human visitors. SEO service providers should advise to place it within the site’s navigation menu in a place where site visitors could find it easily. Such a webpage will have a hyperlink to the main sections of your site. The best practice will be to add a few sentences following such HTML links explaining what that particular section or page will have to offer to your visitors. Make sure the number of all your links isn’t so high. For instance, if you have around 100 links, distribute them on two pages and have 50 in each. HTML sitemaps could be files with different names like "sitemap.html", "sitemap.htm", etc. XML Sitemap It’s a file originally created by Google. Later, it’s been supported by Yahoo as well as MSN to be included in the root directory of sites/blogs. As the number of pages in the sites or blogs grows everyday, this mechanism is to ensure that a list of all existing files (pages) are submitted to search engines. This way, search engines can list all the pages, old and new, in a website. Note that such sitemaps aren’t used to increase a wesbite’s search engine ranking, but responsible SEO services add them to your site so that they can help with the indexation of your site/blog. XML sitemaps aren’t for human visitors. They are files named "sitemap.xml". urllist Sitemap It’s also known as Yahoo’s sitemap. It’s a document named urllist.txt in which a list of all webpages of a site is recorded with one URL in each line. It’s also uploaded to the root directory of a website. Yahoo uses this file to be informed of all the pages within a website for easier indexation. Why SEO Services Should Include them in Your Site? SEO service providers should make sure that your site has got some fundamental elements in place so that they could be entirely indexed more easily and ranked highly. As indexation and number of pages are essential factors in the SEO score of your site, using sitemap could have significant impact on the search engine ranking of your site/blog. SEO services, should also consider this either they are part of the service they announce or not. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: