Wang Yanlin run public incarnation of hand painted "soul sugar" – Wang Yanlin # entertainment Sohu continue to draw the life line drawing # Wang Yanlin Wang Yanlin Sohu entertainment news yesterday, busy filming the drama Wang Yanlin, "in the bazaar for public incarnation soul painting approach in hand" after work, for the love of gas "painting life line" activities take this opportunity, and dedicated their live debut. In the process of live he not only "sugar" and "provocative" friends, play the hand piece body so the whole process is full of fun, more upright boy will attribute the play to the extreme, frequent verse also allows users to have a new understanding of the "Adorable PI Gu ye. Wang Yanlin breaks a new realm of upright boy live handsome adorable "sugar" on the same day, Wang Yanlin dressed in a pink T-shirt, white baseball cap collocation appears on the screen, and live for 24 color watercolor pens for the "life line" of love, a good student is so users can not help laughing and looking forward to live. After the start, Wang Yanlin also did not let users disappointed, although repeatedly is live for the first time, and the need to rely on sugar to ease tensions, but did not affect his play upright boy and hand piece property. Not only will be said to be open and aboveboard sugar to the "sugar", still netizen said when he was stupid, joking to say I am silly that you out, I promise not to kill you, "love and down to earth he makes people feel very warm. This silly adorable Wang Yanlin is really serious and will carry out in the end, drawing when talking with friends while forget to be absorbed in the interaction, but he admitted that "when the painting painting, there is a time to speak". Looks simple and easy to understand a word, but Wang Yanlin to do a good thing when the dedication and focus on the characteristics of the show. Wang Yanlin thanked the fans warm heart full of memories of the past: to draw users commitment after the end of Wang Yanlin, and the fans chatted about their work and daily life, not only to join the "secret" Chu Joe biography "the filming in Hengdian, with a crown prince Yuwen Daxia deductive angle, but also coordinate time rushed to Jiaxing for" Wu Xin the monster Killer 2 "shooting. Although the "2" in Wu Xin the monster killer in the role, and there are great differences on one, but netizens have said very much looking forward to the return of Wang Yanlin. Referring to the show, Wang Yanlin will recall with fans this journey he traveled, repeatedly expressed their gratitude, commitment will be "good shooting, to learn acting, will better bring everyone works, of course also pledged to work hard to live. Warm heart full of words, so that users believe that Wang Yanlin will not live up to everyone’s hope.相关的主题文章: