UnCategorized Kind of incredible but definitely to be expected. Walmart has recently announced that the Miley Cyrus jewelry collection that they pulled from their stores shelves last month was not meant for children. Seriously?!! This statement is only intended to deflect criticism concerning the recent test results which show that the Miley Cyrus jewelry line contained very high and dangerous amounts of the toxic heavy metal Cadmium. There have been several recent reports about children’s jewelry that is manufactured in China containing very high levels, in some cases as much as 90% Cadmium. Cadmium has been known to be toxic for more than 200 years but it is still finding its way into consumer products and products that would deposit it directly into our food supply like pesticides and fertilizers. How many adults do you think would buy Miley Cyrus jewelry? Not many I bet. Miley Cyrus is almost exclusively marketed towards the young teenage or pre-teen crowd. She is a young teen idol and Walmart was capitalizing on her fame to help sell the jewelry. Walmart should just do what is right and pull the jewelry and leave the matter alone. It has already announced it has implemented strict testing measures for its other products so why try to deflect blame or negative attention now? It all really has to do with the .panies image which could affect its reputation and long term sales. Which is why we need to put more of an emphasis on product safety, especially those products that are imported into the U.S. I feel that ALL products should be tested upon arrival or have proof of testing and safety before they arrive in this country. I know this will never happen since many .panies and even our own government put money ahead of our health. There is a big movement in this country to cut taxes and pare down the size of government but safety and risk management are some of the first that get cut when taxes get cut or we are in an economic downturn. Safety should always be a priority. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: