Walking or standing feet flat beware of what harm flatfoot flatfoot is common disease, but the disease is of great influence on patients, some patients that had not flatfoot have great harm, this idea is wrong, in fact, "is a lot of influence on patients, patients would like to know how big do harm. In fact, the disease harms to patients are as follows. "What harm is there? 1, actually refers to the arch of the flatfoot reduce and disappear, will affect the normal walking. Congenital flatfoot hereditary, is caused by improper shoes acquired. The main cause of acquired flatfoot is heel, heel of any height will cause the human to move the focus of increased pressure caused by the arch, arch height reduced, would not only increase pingzu, and will directly lead to. 2, the foot vascular nerve compression, walking long time or standing longer than ordinary people tired. At the same time, because of the flattening of the foot, the lower limb support function of the body is significantly reduced, the body’s center of gravity biased to the inside, thus forcing the whole body and spinal function changes. Therefore, a small flat on one’s health, especially the physical strength and endurance still have significant adverse effects. What are the reasons causing flatfoot? 1, genetic factors: the occurrence of flatfoot and genetic factors are closely related. This includes the abnormal situation, abnormal situation and plantar foot skeletal muscle tendon is too short, congenital skeletal growth abnormalities will lead to ". 2, limb disease: this factor is mostly acquired. Due to some problems in the development process of the body in the flat. Due to the growth and development of children’s speed is very fast, especially to the adolescent teenage children, is the growth peak period of activity also increase gradually, will lead to the formation of arch collapse, acquired flatfoot. Or a foot injury, but did not get good treatment result of flatfoot. In addition long-term walking posture is not correct, will have the probability of occurrence of flatfoot. Parents should pay enough attention to it. "1, the appropriate correction method of foot muscle exercise, usually at home can do more exercises and walking with foot on the outer plantar flexion exercise, when supine to toe hook bed railing practice; double toe inward and heel apart. Insist every night with warm feet, you can put some small pebbles in the pot, the feet with toes when crawling. 2, if it is due to the scaphoid deformity caused by the resection of flatfoot, hypertrophy of the accessory navicular tubercle of scaphoid bone, or epiphysis, the free posterior tibial tendon shortening, and small to move down to the scaphoid outward scaphoid plantar surface are fixed on the plantar side of the scaphoid. If it is due to bone bridge caused by flatfoot, to cut off the bone bridge. 3, walking is the best wear flat shoes or insoles pingzu correction correction. Orthopedic shoes and shoe heel requirements are as follows: to narrow waist, upper lateral to the lateral heel matter, the best front, inside should be extended to the talonavicular joint pad, and high 3-6mm, this is done in order to make the foot varus, valgus calcaneus and talus correction.

走路或久站脚累当心扁平足 扁平足有什么危害   扁平足是常见疾病,但是这种疾病对患者的影响是很大的,有些患者认为得了扁平足不会有很大的危害,这样的想法是错误的,其实扁平足对患者的影响是很多的,患者肯定想知道扁平足危害大吗,其实该病对患者的危害主要有以下几点。   扁平足有什么危害?   1、扁平足其实就是指足弓的降低和消失,会影响正常的走路。有遗传性的先天性平足,也有穿鞋不当造成的后天性平足。后天性平足的主要原因是鞋跟,任何高度的鞋跟都会使人体重心前移,增加足弓的压力,造成足弓高度降低,不但会加重平足,而且会直接导致扁平足。   2、足部血管神经受压,走路走的时间久或者站得久就会比一般人累。同时,因为足底变平,使人的下肢对全身的支撑机能明显降低,身体的重心偏向内侧,由此迫使全身和脊柱的机能都发生改变。因此,小小的扁平足对人的健康,尤其是体力和耐久力照样会有明显不良影响。   导致扁平足的原因有哪些?   1、 遗传因素:扁平足的发生和遗传因素是密切相关的。这其中包括了足底骨骼的异常情况及其肌肉的异常情况、足底的跟腱过于短小,先天性的骨骼发育异常等都会导致扁平足的发生。   2、 肢体性疾病:这个因素多为后天形成的。在小儿的发育过程中出现的一些肢体问题而造成的扁平足。由于小儿生长发育的速度非常的快,特别是到了小儿十几岁的青 春期,是生长发育的高峰时期,活动量也在逐渐地增大,会导致足弓塌陷,形成后天获得性的扁平足。又或者是足部外伤,又没有得到很好的治疗而导致的扁平足。 另外长期的走路姿势不正确,也会有扁平足的发生几率。应该引起家长的足够重视。   扁平足的矫正方法   1、适当进行足部肌肉的锻炼,平时在家可以多做用足底外缘练习行走及跖屈练功,卧位时进行足趾勾床栏杆练习;双足尖向内且足跟分开。每天晚上坚持用温水泡脚,可以在盆子里放一些小的鹅卵石,在泡脚的时候用脚趾抓取。   2、如果是由于舟骨畸形引起的扁平足,需将肥大的舟骨结节、副舟骨或骨骺切除,把胫骨后肌腱游离短缩,和小片舟骨向外向下移至舟骨的跖面一起固定在舟骨跖侧面上。如果是由于跟骨骨桥引起的扁平足,则需切断骨桥。   3、走路是最好穿平足矫形鞋或平足鞋垫进行矫正。矫形鞋的要求如下:鞋跟和鞋腰要窄,鞋帮要紧,鞋跟外侧最好到外踝前缘,内侧要延长到距舟关节,并垫高3-6mm,这样做是为了使足内翻,矫正跟骨外翻,并将距骨头托起,防止下陷。相关的主题文章: