Volvo V90 Cross Country upcoming Phoenix Automotive News comprehensive revival of Volvo, launched a new 90 series models, there are S90, V90 and XC90, from the media and market feedback, is pretty good. In order to further segment the market, Volvo official said V90 based crossover vehicle V90 Cross Country will be released later this month, there is no doubt at the Paris motor show. Volvo V90 Volvo confidential work done well, there is no accident with official pictures or information, but good foreign media gives some computer synthesized imaginary map (PS), we first take a look at. The vehicle is very similar to V90, but has a higher body, off the ground clearance, as well as off-road style body kit, which is the characteristics of Cross Country. Power, is expected to be the same as S90, V90, T5, T6 to T8 multiple versions of the 2.0T turbocharged and 2.0T twin turbocharged engine, and a hybrid help. The car should be better than the same configuration of the V90 is more expensive, it belongs to the localization of niche models.相关的主题文章: