Villa 30 owners of illegally built residential construction fill river garden "after the theft of frequent use area of single family villas hundreds of square meters, with four hundred or five hundred square meters of private garden, garden river, leisure time sitting in a riverside reading and fishing. Such a life, think of it all very cozy. If this is agreeable, misappropriation of public space, then the owner is not some injustice? In Shanghai Songjiang District Sheshan villa area, some owners have about 1000 square meters of residential area, the public space from the crooked brains". They invited the construction team, the garden behind the river bridge, the extension of the garden. Some people put up the children’s Park in the expansion area, some people put up a small pavilion, and they simply built a bungalow, cool storage. One of the most serious encroachment of a family, the original four hundred or five hundred square meters of garden expansion to about 1000 square meters, resulting in the original wide lake into a "water" can be to the other side of the stream. November 3rd, issued a "law enforcement notice" in the past two months in Songjiang District water law enforcement detachment, Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter saw in the Songjiang Sheshan villa area, garden water was clear under the notification requirements in October 13th before the "removal" of the 30 owners, no ready to dismantle movement. The small business committee deputy director Lu told reporters that the industry will begin in May this year to the Songjiang District water authority, Sijing town illegal building office, Shanghai City 12345 public hotline for reporting the illegal behavior, but in a report in the sound of the garden after these violations of the lack of a step-by-step expansion into work. Public channel is accounted for, sheep, vegetables and what are the Sheshan Villa District completed in 2005, sales at the beginning, here standing villa price reached nearly 10 million yuan. Here is rich in water, surrounded by four districts of the river, built at the beginning of the true mountain, the natural environment of natural water, as well as natural river safety protection has become the area’s sales highlights. However, today, when prices rise Cengceng rub the surrounding area, villa area but not sell a good price, buyers are not many. A sales agent told reporters, because the residential villa management, sell buy less, the price has been stagnant. Chinese Youth Daily · youth online reporter learned that the villa this year just for the Vanke property in property costs rose to 6 yuan per square meter per month, the level of residential property management has changed. The so-called ‘residential management’ problem, mainly refers to the owners of the river, the thief into the closed area becomes easy, often patronize." Owner ho told reporters that his family had been stolen by thieves, came in the middle of the night to steal, our family lived in the two floor, the thief stole the first floor." MS ho told reporters in the villa owners group, the "stolen" is very common. Some home owners, because the distance from the villa near Linhe, stolen 4 times. According to the previous property statistics, nearly two years occurred in more than and 100 cases of theft cases. Most of the thieves walked into the village by the river." Deputy director of the industry committee, said ms.. Because surrounded by the river, Lake Villa)相关的主题文章: