Software The key resources of an organization is its employees and gathering accurate employee statistics is of vital for its optimal functioning and payroll processing. One of the most important requirements in an organization is recording employee time attendance as it forms the basis for so many reports, data collection, performance judgments and other vital metrics. Often what is noted is that large organizations with a huge employee population have discrepancies in time recording. Such errors can be eliminated by using smart employee time attendance software. Benefits of Using Employee Time Attendance Software Time attendance software automates the process of recording employee time. As it simplifies the process of registering daily check-in and check-out activities, a lot of mundane chores related to employee time recording be.e .anized and methodical. Here is a look at the benefits gained in using employee time attendance software: It offers an easy-to-use and friendly graphics interface through which the employee time recoding process can be done quickly and easily It can perform a quick face verification of the employee when they report their check-in, thus confirming that it is indeed the real person who is recording the time It can export employee daily attendance data to other applications for the purpose of information processing and report generation It can record overtime done by employee as well as their absence which is necessary to calculate payroll data It can show history of employees daily attendance over a period of time such as six months, on years and so on, which can be used to judge their overall attendance levels in a particular project. It eliminates the need to have a physical registration book where employees write down their daily attendance. The book has to be maintained securely which is removed through digital security and verification features of the time attendance software. It not only record employee daily attendance, it also verifies them through an accurate face recognition process to ensure correct report which can be checked at any time by concerned department managers It is suitable for small, medium as well as large .anizations The various benefits accrued by using this software is reflected to determine accurate performance reports, reducing data redundancy in such details and also eliminating employee time recording errors. Most importantly, it prevents frauds often done by employee in time attendance. How to implement employee time attendance system in your .anization? The process of implementing Employee Time Attendance software in large scale .anizations which is spread over several branches can be done in a phased manner, without affecting existing application software used by them. There is no need to upgrade the machine they use to a higher software level. As the time attendance system is easy-to-use, there is no need to spend much time to train employee to use it. Furthermore, the implementation time needed in various branches and across the .anization will be minimal and as a result there is no disruption in existing work processes. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: