Tony Leung Eason Chan: 1223 to 11 double propaganda ferryman about Sina entertainment news the evening of November 10th, the Lunar New Year comedy "the ferryman" landing "double 11 carnival night", Tony Leung Eason Chan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] two male gods surprise appearance. The first is the "E God" Eason Chan first sang "singing" the ferryman love edition theme song "let me stay with you", and Tony Leung’s stunning debut, explain "the ferryman" meaning, "everyone has a Kaner, ferryman can help you through this bridge". Two people echo each other attracted users a sought after, the scene is constantly screaming, shouting "I want to make an appointment"! Imperial reunion! You make an appointment with actor Tony Leung ferry king Eason Chan magic propaganda "1223" double 11 party winner, male god Tony Leung and hit king Eason Chan two heavyweight guests appeared surprise, instantly detonated the atmosphere, make the scene screaming! Song Eason stunning open throat, a shenqingkuankuan "let me stay with you in tears", touching off the audience, the chorus of the climax of the evening. In addition to Eason Chan music songs ferryman feast, gold ferryman Tony Leung also verse constantly. Not only the host and ridicule each other, also announced generous "ferryman start business", or even "old driver", a claim to "for everybody is going through the ferry reservation, the heart is impossible to overcome!" Eason is in the scene shouting 122312231223……" Friends, eager to respond to "December 23rd" ferry "cinema about ca.!" Magic, attitude to the public in the situation to bring a new year "the ferryman" have a unique style warm heart visual feast! Fans say "at the end of the year, and finally out of a few worthy of the cinema to see the film, and Tony Leung, Kaneshiro Takeshi, and so on me, I’m not."……" Netizens have called "can’t wait to go to the cinema to see" the ferryman "Baotuan heating!" Warm heart new year! Ferry the person around you: I need to make a reservation for 1223 users! The latest release of stills, Tony Leung attitude change, sometimes elegant deep bouquet, staring down at the head, and seaweed expression funny; Eason Chan is also playing subversion, sometimes guitar playing in the rain and affectionate, smile at distance. In the warm yellow color rendering, give people a warm feeling, like the movie "the ferryman" on your side. As friends said, "I cry, cry. Every detail is enough to warm my winter." In addition to all movie lines "you this life, there is no life for others to fight" is also constantly hot: "the train ticket is we try to prove"; "before desperately forget a girl, now desperately love a girl"; "saved down, now I just want to try. Struggle for the future"; there are friends joked that "used to grab the TV remote cousin go through"; "who and I rob me and he desperately, people laughing and excitedly. We all hope and "the ferryman" can’t wait to meet as soon as possible, "see you tomorrow"! New year’s love相关的主题文章: